Wednesday, June 26, 2013

~TWO FREE SVG's- Card + Sneak Peek!~

Hey there,
Happy hump day! We had a lovely evening out to dinner
for hub's birthday and a friend dropped by yesterday asking me to help
with a card for her boss who is going away- but it had 3 requirements!

HUGE card so everyone could sign it,
Man with a microphone (an inside joke)
and it had to say Squeak Squeak Squeak...
Not to turn down a challenge of course I was ON IT! LOL
Anyways i could not find a little man so I ended up creating 
this man with a microphone SVG myself and using it. 

 No it's not my usual style but I think it's fun and it meets her needs
and after all that's what crafting is all about! :) 
I also started working on the amazing Creating Made Easy July kit!
WOOHOO You are going to LOVE it! Here is a tiny sneak peek!

And here is a FREE link to the man with a microphone SVG if you ever
need one- since I made it I think I might as well share it! LOL
You can download the link here for free-

I don't know if anyone will use it but here it is! LOL

And here is one more I created for good measure-
I needed this a couple weeks ago- it's a Rectangle Scalloped Border
great for cards or photos mattes! :) 
It is for Silhouette only because it is a Studio file. 

Anyways enjoy and have a wonderfully crafty day!
Love to all- appreciate your support. 


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