Thursday, June 27, 2013

~Chunky Rose Brooch And How To Make A Tie Dye Cake~

Hey there friends,
Happy Thursday once again- before I dive into the tie dye cake I 
made yesterday I thought I would share the Connie Crystal Chunky Rose Brooch
TUTORIAL  that I created for CC! :) Full instructions! Just head to...
Here is a sneak's really fun!
Now I am by no means a  professional nor do I claim to be
and these photos are taken with  my phone because quite frankly
I was a hot mess yesterday and no time to get the real camera out
BUT so many have asked how I did this Tie Dye frosting I thought
I would put it out here because I could not find it online when
I went to find a how to:
This was my first attempt a few weeks ago...which I loved! :) 
Full Cake: (GIANT sheet cake LOL)
And this was my quick and simple one this 
can tell I was in a hurry on this one BUT if you take time it will be amazing!
 Tie Dye Frosting-
Make your regular stiff buttercream frosting in white- 
cover entire cake. 
Freeze cake- does not have to be perfect- my first try was but 
this one I was swamped LOL
With leftover buttercream frosting- thin slightly with water 
and I mean SLIGHTLY separate into 3 or 4 bowls and color. 
Put into piping bags with no tips- You can use tips but it didn't make a difference.
Freehand all 3/4 colors into swirl on cake- 
I started on outside edge and worked my way in. 
Now here is where you can go old school or use a fancy tool.
I used a butter-knife and a bowl to gently press 
frosting working my way from outside to inside. 
 Oops forgot to use the smooth side! Hey I am far from perfect! LOL
Just ask all the haters! :) 
Using a toothpick- or 2....
 Start in center and drag your way out.
I haven't figured out to keep the center perfect YET...
Mix a couple colors together lightly in bowl. Use spatula or knife
to apply to sides of the cake. 
 Decorate! :) 
Yes it probably belongs on Cake Wrecks but I mean
come on I have 3 kids and I only had an hour---it's not that bad
quit laughing! LOL
So go make it amazing and perfect! Then share with me! :) 

I am off to craft...have a beautiful day!


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