Monday, June 24, 2013

~Farm Life- Chickens...and More!~

 Good morning and happy Monday my friends, 
I spent the weekend with friends and working on my new classes plus
setting these boys to work on new NESTING BOXES! :) 

Before I share that I thought I would share a couple of garden photos
I know many of you have emailed and asked me about it.
It's coming along fine- late but very well due to the more normal temps
instead of scathingly hot like usual.
Great zucchini coming in. I personally cannot wait. 

 We have had two dinner with green beans and everything else is getting ready. 
 Here are the girls- a little miffed hubby is putting in new nesting boxes- 

And rogue loner chicken who hates being in the super huge massive
coop area- I mean seriously what is this chickens deal?? 
Our chicken have a MASSIVE green yard! LOL 
 And the new 5 gallon bucket nests not quite done but getting there. 
 This is supposed to prevent the eggs form being pooped on constantly. 
I am tired of them pooping in their nests at night so I hope this resolves it a little.
Anyways that and Monsters University at the drive in with friends
makes for a lovely weekend. I am so blessed with beautiful people in my life! 

Anyways this is what I was working on this weekend- the finishing touches to
my Stamp and Scrap class but also this new Christmas In July class
Christmas Garland/Card Hanger class! :) 
Coming shortly so stay tuned!!!!
And just in case you missed it- here is the Stamp and Scrap link-

Well that's it for me today- we have another 
"Autism" appointment today so I am off like a bee!
Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!!!


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