Friday, September 16, 2011

~Bradley Update & Fun Surprise~

Good morning my friends,

I am so happy to blog today because the last week was a fog
for me and very stressful. I finally feel like we are coming out
of the fog into the light again.

Happy to report Bradley is back to school and feeling much better
now, he is even able to walk around and help around the house.

We went to watch the softball game last night, it was so
cold, but the team that had played when he was hit came over
and they all said "I am so sorry" it was very comforting.
He was very disappointed not playing but it is what it is.
Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.

I have had migraines all week, I have not had this happen
since my grandmother passed away. They said it was due to stress
and I suspect it is once again. It was very stressful to see my son
go through so much in one week. I will be tickled pink to on Monday
for the next visit, then I will feel like it is going to be over.

Here is my fun surprise.
I received a box from Purple Cows with their new goodies
(tools) so I went to the website to post the photos, and
I saw this!!!!!! My card! :) Right on the front page!!!
What a fun the fun tools I get to use now!
I cannot wait to open this bad boy and play with it. :)
I am thinking about all the altered art I can make. :)
So excited....hoping to get crafty next week for sure.

Thanks again for all the well wishes, I will keep you updated.


Drayia said...

Glad Bradley is doing so much better. Purple Cows, never heard of them, I will have to go check them out. Grats on your card being posted and looking forward to your next inspired creation.

Lucy said...

Now that Bradley is better, you will be too!

THERESA said...

So glad Bradley is better, we do tend to feel more pain than them, lol, but relax now, nearly there, true about the stress and migranes!!
WOW, you must be tickled pink(no pun intended) ........hehehe
Think that must be a super fun toy, please show us when you try it out....:))
lotsa luv

Melissa said...

Yeah Glad Bradley is doing better.

Yeah for fun toys :) How great your card is on the package.

Dot said...

Glad to hear that Bradley is back at school. It was very nice of the other team to come over and see him! Fun goodies you received! Have fun with those!! I know you will!

Kim. said...

I am so glad that Bradley is recovering well, it really can be stressful watching a child suffer.
Love the look of this new tool can't wait to see what you do with it.
Can I ask do you have the Purple Cow Paper Trimmer and if so is it accurate when cutting? I am left handed and in need of a new trimmer the problem I have had is that the last two trimmers I have had don't cut completely straight.
Kim xXx

Moondust47 said...

Good for you a little toy to get your week on an upswing! Enjoy the weekend!

Paula said...

So excited to see what you will do with these!! xoxo Sadie <3