Thursday, September 15, 2011

~Chicken Trails & Frame For Class On Sunday!~

Good morning my friends,

I wanted to share a little bit of chicken story this morning,
as I had been planning to but got busy.

As some of you know we expanded our chicken coop field
drastically in spring, we basically quadrupled the size, so they would
always have fresh grass to run around in and a bush.
Well something very fun and cute happened (well cute to me)
they created "Chicken Trails" LOL
Little trails through the grass to get to their bush for shade
and their little holes to keep cool.
Can you see the trails? There are about 15 of them and they all use them
They are all over the fenced areas.

Remember this little guys??? He has grown and he is a HANDSOME
Feller!! hehehe My husband loves him.
You know he is not mean either, he stands away from me
and stays away with not a speck of anger or meanness.
Good thing too or he would be our dinner! LOL
Anyways I just wanted to share the cute chicken trails with y'all,
I just love them and find them fascinating.
On to craftiness......

I had not had time to post this but this is the frame with sunflowers
we will be making on Sunday (this Sunday) at the Scrap Room!
The Scrap Room is the most amazing store, I have to tell you,
they totally appreciate every person who walks in the door.
They are so kind to their teachers and so personal!
If you have not been, our classes are always so fun and easy going.
Every time I teach a class it is a STRESS FREE fun experience!
Come by and say hello, I think there is room for ONE MORE! :)
The class is only 15.00! You will love it.
141 Adams Ln
Mt Juliet, TN 37122
(615) 758-9596
Happy Thursday my friends! :)


Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Hope your doing well sweetie-and your son is quickly feeling better. Ben sending positive thoughts your way.
LOVE the chicken trails,they are so much amusement aren't they?
Sent my daughter here one day to check out the chickens-we really miss ours.
Take care sweetie

Adrienne said...

Awwww I love the chicken trails! Your rooster is honestly one of the most beautiful I have seen, you should enter him in the fair :)Your picture frame class looks like fun!

Off to pack for FL :)

Melissa said...

too funny I like the Chicken Trails.

Adorable frame. I love the flowers on it. I wish I didn't have to work!

joni said...

Cute trails!!! And what pretties they are too! Love the frame too! TFS

{VICKI} said...

I love the chicken trails and what a pretty rooster!
I was just telling my husband last week that we needed to get some laying chickens because the price of eggs is Outrageous!

Kelly Sas said...

I had no idea chickens would make trails or paths like that! I LOVE chickens and that rooster is the most handsome one ever. How is your son doing? Will he be going back to school anytime soon? If I ever get to TN near your area I will definately go to that store AND stalk you too! Hee Hee. Your blog and my daughters are the only ones I check daily.

Drayia said...

Love those flowers, they just pop off that frame.

" M " said...

That was a sweet story .

Thanks for sharing : )

Kim. said...

Cute chicken trails, those chicks sure have grown.
Love the frame it is so pretty and not too over the top.
Kim xXx

Becky said...

that frame is beautiful. How did you make the sunflowers. I would love to make those