Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~WINNER & Back Online!~

Good morning my friends,
what a weekend I had!!!

First of all Friday I met my gf's for lunch and my hubby walked into
the restaurant with a new iphone! Then we had a big bowling
birthday party for both my boys (8 and 16) on Saturday...

then on Sunday my friend Tanya and her hubby came over
and all 4 of us cleaned and organized my scrap room!
It took 12 hours and 4 adults and I STILL have paper to
organize and boxes to unload!~ hahaha

But the majority is done and I am very excited about it.
Here is a sample of what my room looked like when we were
unloading boxes and clearing out (this is just one corner)
My room is actually about 4 times this size.
Here it is almost everything unpacked.
And here it is almost done.
Now I am waiting on hubby to put a bunch of our
storage items into the attic so I can make a sewing space,
and get it off of my diningroom table! :)
Oh then yesterday was my son's actual birthday which meant
going to the school and all that good stuff.

OHHH and today is my 16 yr old's
birthday, what a week!!! LOL

I am in a massive amount of pain but it was worth it.
I was able to sit down at my craft table and scrap last night.
Tally Scrapper is having a Survivor game so I made my page
for that challenge. I will share tomorrow! :)

I just wanted y'all to know I was alive! :)

Ok on to the winner of the Cuttlebug Kids!
I threw all the names into random.org and this one came up first
Blogger Kelly Sas said...
I LOVE your Create sign - so you! As I have said before I would die to live near you to take your classes AND clean your craft room. I would love this die cutting machine for my goddaughter who I am teaching to paper craft and scrap.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Please email or Facebook me your address,
it might take me a couple days to ship it out.

By the way, my friend Tanya, who I have not known for a long time
did this 100% for free! Of course I gave her 3 HUGE boxes filled
with goodies but she never expected it.
That is what I love about the scrapbook community.
Honestly the most giving people I have ever met.
I think she saw I was in pain and it was impossible and she just
gave up her time and energy and did it all.
Thanks so much!

If you have a scrap friend like her, give them a hug for me.


Chelle said...

That is a great friend..Scrapbookers are a generous sort with their time and stuff.

Happy birthday to both your boys and I hope your pain becomes manageable soon..

Drayia said...

Your story reminds me that people can be wonderful, I am so glad that you had help and was able to organize your space. I find I am much more creative when I am somewhat organized and I am sure the creative juices will be flowing much easier for you. Happy Birthday to your boys and it sounds like you are going to have another busy week. Hugs girl and rest alittle so that pain goes away.

Lucy said...

What a great friend! And Happy Birthday to your son :)

Khristen said...

Happy birthday to both boys....and congrats on getting your scrap room organized. I wish I had such a big space! Mine gets so cluttered up with all of the stuff I keep adding...it's time for me to reorganize, too...dreading it!

I hope you are able to be pain-free soon. It is great to have such caring people around to help when needed, wish I had all that help! At least I get the hubs to pitch in, and that's all I can ask for! Hope you have a great day :)

Karenliz said...

WOW such wonderful friends to help you with your scrap room! What a great space! Feel better soon.

Gina said...

Very impressive! I might have to invite Tanya over to my house for an afternoon of fun!

Kim. said...

What great friends you have, the room looks a whole lot better and it has to be easier for you.
Kim xXx

Kelly Sas said...

What a wonderful friend. I have a feeling that you are a wonderful friend to her too. I am so excited to receive this CuttleBug Kids! Can't wait to see what the extra dies are too! Thank you so much for giving this away. Now I just need to decide if it will go to the class room that I volunteer for at school for the past 6 years or if I give it to my grandsons - such a hard decision! Thank you Pinky!

Jenrex4 said...

You did alot of work!! Great job! U should enjoy scrapping and crafting so much more now. It is great to have friend like that.