Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~I Scrapped!! Survivor Is Full Swing!~

Good morning!!!

I am so excited that my life is finally calming down a little bit and
I was able to sit down and play with paper again! :)

Tally Scrapper is hosting their annual Survivor contest, this time
Christine is running it and I am always inspired by this challenge.
In fact some of my deepest and most creative layouts have come
from these Survivor challenges.

For this challenge we are challenged to create a MAP, on our page
and I came up with this page. I did not follow the example I sort of did
my own thing but it worked! I cannot wait to try it again!
I am so excited about how it turned out and I had to crackle the
photo to give it the whole affect.
I lived in Oregon my entire life, until I turned 30. Both my husband
and I have bad memories from living there and this was a perfect
outlet for me. It's funny because another Tally girl loves Oregon and
made the most creative polar opposite layout.
For me it was alot of pain and a childhood of abuse and adulthood
of nothing but pain. It's hard to not associate my abuse with where
I lived. Of course I cannot blame Oregon, but when I think
of being there I only feel and see pain now.
I hope that changes as I am farther away now.
Journaling: I spent my life in Oregon and it holds so many bad memories.
I can't blame the entire state but thinking of
Oregon really is a state of pain for me.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I am home with sick boys today...poor kids...bring on fall sickies.



Jenny's Heart said...

I wish I could take it all for you.
Love You!

Kelly Sas said...

I think it seems like you and your hubby made a good move. I do hope that by now - this evening - you and the boys are feeling better.