Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~Recovery & Happy Mail *Pub*~

Morning my blog land friends...

Today is recovery day, here is a picture I took of Bradley when
he came out of his procedure. He was pretty sick.

It went ok but he is very tired, bleeding alot and sick.
Apparently momma cant handle seeing her kids like this because
this pink haired momma was sick all day too, sympathy sickness??
Or maybe just plain good old stress??

The surgeon was great but the hospital was not so great.
My son was sick as a dog. (I knew he would be from Morphine)
and I kept telling them. They said "OH no, he won't be sick"...
well they go to wheel him downstairs for discharge.
No giving him time to sit up or anything, just took him from laying down
and being out of it to the wheelchair, and as we were going down
stairs he kept saying "I am sick, I am going to be so sick".
They just pushed him to the door and said "Sit on this bench then" and
walked away leaving him very ill and leaving us to help him
to find a bathroom to be sick in.

I had no idea how upsetting it would be to see my son in the hospital
and going under, then coming out so out of it.
Very draining day....

I did want to share my happy mail with y'all.
A Cricut Magazine Publication! :)
At your local Joanns...I don't know who else has them LOL

Anyways it was a fun project and I was excited to share.

Wish my boy some luck today with his sickness and bleeding.
I am keeping him home and hopefully we can both rest.
I feel very overwhelmed at the moment.
Thanks for popping by~



Jenny's Heart said...

Oh I hope Bradley feels better today, I hope you will too. I know you will comfort him all he will let you. SHAME on that hospital staff,he is still a just a youngin' where has compassion gone?
If you are baking a treat for him, I remember he said he loved your banana bread.

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

congrats on the publication.

Hope your son heals quickly

Gina said...

I am so happy to know he is recuperating. I am sure the stress on you could cause you to be sick. Hoping for a quick recovery!! And congrats on the magazine.

Lucy said...

Unbelievable. They usually make you sit up, have something to drink, eat and go to the bathroom before they let you leave. I have a boy with many hospital visits behind him so that's how I know. Wishing him a speedy recover :)

Drayia said...

Congrats on the Card being Published Pinky. Hugs and a speedy recovery for Brandly.

Kelly Sas said...

Oh I wish I could be there to do relief duty. I am a RN and I would love to take care of you both! That hospital was terrible. I refuse morphine and tell ALL my family and friends to do the same. WHY they still use it is beyond me because at least 50% of the people or more get sick form it. So happy you had some happy news yesterday - your publication! My prayers are out to you and your son today.

jillofallcrafttrades said...

i am sorry it was so rough to see your baby in so much pain,i cannot imagine.I hope each day gets better!

Melissa said...

Arg, sorry the exit from the hospital wasn't so lovey :(

Yeah on the magazine.

I hope you get some rest.

Mayra said...

I wish Brandly a speedy recovery. Congrats on the magazine publication.

Dot said...

Hope both of you get some needed rest and Bradley feels better soon! Congrats on your publication!

THERESA said...

I am sure he will feel better in no time, we do tend to stess,lol, that's normal!!
Shame on the hospital for that treatment, best he is at home with you.
Congrats on the publication, that's super!!
lotsa luv

{VICKI} said...

I;m sure he'll get better care at home!
Here's to a speedy recovery

Frank Garcia said...

Pinky I hope he recovers quickly and he feels better soon, my prayers go out to him, I hope you feel better soon as well. My sister had a craniofacial reconstruction done as well and the hospital in Los Angeles were the procedure was done was very bad too, they told us they did't have tylenol for pain....a hospital.... yeah that explains a lot. Our medical system needs a revamp NOW. Glad to hear about your publication. Take Care.