Saturday, September 10, 2011

~Life Jumps In The Way Of Crafting!~

Good morning my friends!! :)

Once again life jumps in the way of creating.
If you had not heard on Thursday night I received a phone call.
Normally go to all my kids/hubby's baseball games but Thursday it was
a doubleheader that began at 8pm, and hubby was at work
working overtime very late, so I dropped off my 15 yr old and
took the younger boys home to get ready for school and finish homework.

Around 10pm I get a phone call from my hubby who was picking
him up from baseball on his way home....he said "Bradley broke his nose"
WHAT?? "It's bad, it's broke"....I told him to go to the ER, he told me it
was going to be ok and they were coming home.

This is what I saw if you add a hot red color and maybe
2 more inches of swelling.
He assured me he could breathe and we would be fine to take him
to our regular Dr. in the morning.

When we went to the Dr. our family physician was not in
and the fill in chastised me telling me I needed to go to the ER,
and she was sending me there right away.

She gave me that "Your a bad mom how could you" speech and look
I just love those from people who have NO KIDS! *sigh*
Until you have kids...MORE than 1 you cannot judge a mom of 3 ok?? LOL
I am sorry but it's a hard call with any injury on a boy who
says he has barely any pain and is fine.

Anyways, I headed to the Imaging Center after talking to my
friend at the front desk and sure enough it is broken, and pretty
bad break. BUT they can do NOTHING for at least 3 days
due to the swelling. (See Miss Fill In Doc? It wouldn't have mattered)
Anyways we are going to schedule a real live surgery,
the very first one for any of my sweet boys.

I knew it was coming sooner or later...I was hoping to make it past
the first one, but no such luck. I guess if I had to choose a broken
body part, a finger or nose would be my choice.

I NEVER miss deadlines or crafting work, but I might be scarce
this week while we figure out what needs to happen.
Hey I am getting pretty good at staying rational and calm
in these situations....between 1 broken hand last year, a sprained hand,
and a broken nose this year...well I might be a pro by the time
Gage is 18! haha

Oh and if you wondered...yes Bradley knows I am blogging his mug
he is not thrilled but he knows that's how I roll! LOL
Have a wonderful weekend...thanks for sharing my day.


Jodie R said...

BIG (((HUGS))), Cristal! Even with a broken nose he is a cutie!! Just think of the great stories you will have to tell your grand children in 20 years!

THERESA said...

Ouch, but yes, if no kids, no real knowledge either,lol, hope he is fine quick........:))
lotsa luv

joni said...

Hey, poor guy...I'm sure at one point he'll be feeling the pain! I love those judgmental non-moms too! Hope the surgery goes well and he's a quick healer! Thankfully, we only had to do stitches!!

Drayia said...

Hugs Pinky, heres to a speedy Recovery for him. It doesnt look too bad and he is still handsome. My son broke his when he was about 4, he is now 14, and I never took him to the ER either what was the point when you wait for 8 hours to be told to go home it will heal. I guess I get the bad mom award too!

Ziggyeor said...

OUCH! Tough guy. I hope he has a speedy recovery, at least he'll have a story to tell all the girls back at school ;)

Hugs to you and I hope you get a break.

Jenny's Heart said...

I guess it is a rite of passage in a hose full of
AND great job on staying :)

Jeannie from said...

You can tell you son...Even with a broken nose..Heck he is still devilishly handsome! Hope to a quick and speedy recovery!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Such a good sport he is.
Don't let anyone make you feel like your not the best Mom. I think when
we have the first we have some doubts but when the next ones come along we get more confidence and tend to not get over excited.
Hope the swelling goes away quickly and the surgery has great results.
Remember to take care of yourself to Mom.

Kelly Sas said...

After my years of being a L&D nurse I did lots of time as a Pediatric RN. Your hubby was right to not run off the to the ER as long as he was able to breath and control the swelling. I am curious as to why surgery? Your son is a real handsome guy. I bet the girls are after him! LOL! Don't worry about us this week. Take care of your boy and YOU too. We just need an update when you can on how the surgery went and how you all are doing.

Lisa P said...

Coming from a mom who has had more injuries and broken bones out of her two boys than she can count on two hands... tell that doctor "Whatever!" My youngest just broke a bone in his foot and after just having an emergency room visit with my older one over a dislocated shoulder I decided that it probably wasn't too bad and we would wait til the next morning. Not too bad ended up broken, but he is also a tough guy who won't own up to the pain. Oh well, what's a mom to do. It's all good now.

Gina said...

Yikes, I hope he (and you) are feeling better soon. Sorry for the rude doc! I would think that as the mother of three boys that you are more than capable of making the call or going to the ER or not. Best wishes for a quick and smooth recovery!

Dot said...

Hope all goes well for him! I know it's not fun but it has to be done. Actually around here, it's my husband who is accident prone, more so than the son. If it can happen it will happen to my husband! I've been in the ER many times with the hubby!

Edwina said...

Good Luck! I hope all goes well for your son. Take care. Edwina Brown

Bart said...

Those bruised and broken body parts keep life interesting and builds character. I think it makes him look quite handsome! Even with the broken nose, he is a lady killer! Parenting, isn't it fun!