Thursday, September 8, 2011

~Thursday? Already?~

Good morning my friends.

Such an interesting week I have had, full of stress and well stress LOL
My friend Adrienne had her surgery yesterday, thank goodness it went
well and she will be leaving the hospital today.

I was so worried, I hate seeing people in pain and it's even worse
when it is my friends in pain.
Today is my gf Adrienne's birthday to boot, and my gf Lesley.
Happy Birthday ladies! I adore both of you!!!!

I wanted to share this layout, to be honest I was not feeling it
when I created it. I loved the gears and started embossing them
and inking them, then I decided to heat them and mold them too.
But in the end I was not really happy with it all.
BUT I sent it in for CHA, and it just got back to me last week...
when I pulled it out of the box my boys went crazy!
They LOVED IT! hahaha
So in the end I am letting them hang it in their room.
Hey I might not always love my work but someone does!

I used those cool new embellishments from Clear Scraps.
Ok I am off to tend to the boys and my friend...and get offline! :)
Have a wonderful day, I am hoping to be back into full swing tomorrow!



Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Must be something in the air with stress...I also have had a few friends going through health scares. I knew that you are a special friend that cares.
I think we are to hard on ourselves about our projects.Glad the boys saved

Atif said...

wow these cards are absolutely amazing and such a fantastic designing....

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mommaidwf said...

That's a great layout Cristal! I love seeing how you use things, because it helps me :).

Kelly Sas said...

And remember when your son ripped everything off that notebook? See they do like your work - just not certain things! They are such great boys! Praying for your friend to have a speedy and complete recovery. Don't hurt yourself when taking care of her!