Thursday, September 22, 2011

~Upcoming Videos & Big Oops!~

Good morning my friends!
Last night we went to the ballfield and right before we left
I ran outside and took snapshots of my project for today....
then promptly FORMATTED my card right before the game! LOL

So it looks like I will be re-shooting today...hahaha
I used this...
And THIS! :) So stay tuned....
Also I have been asked by MANY people to make video tutorials
for the hand made flowers I have been making.
I have even designed a few myself, I have 3 new flowers I designed
I will be sharing videos in the next week.
And I have the regular flowers I will share how to's as well.
This is a Thistle I created, I will share step by step how to.
And another version I designed myself. No worries, I am working on it!
Have a wonderful Thursday and see you tomorrow with my new project.



Kelly Sas said...

Those cards are so YOU and I love them. I also LOVE your flowers and can't wait to see your tutorials!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Excited about the flower tutorials- LOVE that thistle(can't believe I would ever say that about a thistle)!
Ooops? Just a common day in my

Regina said...

I love all your projects and also enjoy your day to day life. I just cleaned out my scrap room . I have 2 daughters and an elderly aunt that usually love to get the things I cannot use anymore. I hate throwing things out and usually find someone that can use them. Have fun. Regina