Monday, August 22, 2011

~Crafty Sad Mom Story & New School Project!~

Good morning all my crafty friends!

I have a story for you today to go along with my brand new project!

I created this "Chalkboard" composition notebook with the
Chalkboard paint, thinking it would be a fun project.

I never expected my boys to even glance at it, but I did show it to
my 9 year old and he smiled as I thought..."well mom that is as good as
it gets, your officially old, no one cares" LOL
But then he told my 15 yr old and my son came up and told me it was
so cool and asked if he could have it for school!
He said he loved it etc...etc....etc....
I should have known it was too good to be true.
I happily and foolishly gave it to him and a piece of chalk, thinking
he would use it at school or home for fun.
Hey I might not be so old after all right??
I was totally wrong...2 days later I asked him to bring it to me
because I wanted to take another photo before he used it for school.

Oh he brought it to me was torn to bits and everything was torn off,
except the chalkboard part of it. I was shocked, I honestly thought he
liked it. Dumb mom moment for sure!

He said "All that crap was stupid mom so I tore it off I
only wanted it for the chalkboard!"
Ok I admit it, I really hurt my feelings...
SO all my blog time I make a project PLEASE
remind me not to give it to my kids, give it to someone who
will love it and not tear it up! :/

I still love the project and the line though! :)
Just not really loving on my kid right now. haha



Bee's hive said...

Awww, My little girl would love it, shoot I would love it! But really I'm sure he did love it, just some other booger kid said something snotty. Silly boys.

Creative Diva said...

I would have so loved it. You put great effort into it. That's boys, I tell you. You keep creating! We love to see more.


Lucy said...

Boys will be boys :(

Kim. said...

Aw what a shame but I have to admit my kids would probably of done the same at his age!! I am however sure that there will be many little ones who would love this.
Kim xXx

Kelly Sas said...

That's what I love about you Pinky, you are so real. Most mom's would never share this moment with others and keep up the act that their life is so perfect with perfect little kids in a perfect little house etc. Kids will be kids. They do things that hurt us. Someday they will get hurt by their kids and remember or wonder what they did that hurt you. We are human. It is so nice to know that other mom's experience the same things in the "real" world.... and we still love our kids because they really are good kids, just not perfect! Thanx for being real.

{VICKI} said...

Typical Boys=
but I Love it even thought I'm not in school
Thanks for sharing your story

Ziggyeor said...

aww unfortunately I saw the aftermath and not this. It is really cute though.

Dot said...

I think it was a great project!! Definitely be sure to give it to someone who will appreciate all your hard work!! Kids will be kids!

Michele's Scrapy Creations said...

aww, that's suck! teens ugh I just love it myself.

Nitasha said...

The notebook is super cute and you know all of your bloggy friends appreciate and adore it! Sometimes kiddos just don't get it; especially boys!: )Trust me I know- I have two boys! Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am planning on doing it myself, lol. What a cool idea!
I have to admit, my 8 year old son will tell me he likes my 'project' of the moment. I have no idea WHERE he gets it from (not his daddy ... hmm...)
Of course, he also tells me every day he hates me and that I am stupid. So, there ya go. Kids.

Karen Y said...

My son would have probably ended up tearing also but very cute.

Nanabells said...

He's a 15 yr old boy - so don't take it personally. It was adorable!!! Our kids never appreciate what we do for them... until they are older. My kids are in their 30s and 40s and just now really appreciating what I did for them. So chin up!!!

sharon g said...

I SOOOOO know how you feel. My son HATES anything that has to do with crafts, and tells me on a regular basis. What is with these kids? Do I put down his video games, which I think are dumb? No. I act enthused about them when he talks about them. DON'T take it personally. I don't make cards for him anymore. I only make them for people who enjoy them. sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com