Tuesday, August 30, 2011

~Photo Shoot Props!~

Good morning my crafty friends!

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend was chatting at the ball field about
her baby's first birthday photo shoot. She mentioned buying a cake
and it got me to thinking about making a paper cake!

So of course I volunteered and DOVE IN HEAD FIRST! haha
Caus' that's how I roll with the crafts.
She sent me a photo of the little bloomers and I tried to stay with it
and keep in the theme. I used polka dots and pearl strands...and more~
I plan on making a less whimsical one, with flowers...her bloomers were very
whimsical so I stuck with that theme. But I plan on making a
very serious one with flowers.
I might start making more photo props! :)
Why not?? I sold a banner last week to a photographer, why not
make more crafts for photo shoots....might be fun! :)

Anyways, this is 100% I mean 100% Momenta card stock, that
card stock just makes me so happy, the colors are fantastic
and the quality is awesome as well. I am so excited about Momenta! :)
Happy Tuesday, I am off to create today....
Love ya~


Kray said...

Very creative and cute!

Kray said...

Very creative and cute!

Drayia said...

This is so cute. What a novel idea to make props for photographers. Love he colours and all that glitter. Did you make the candle too?

Kelly Sas said...

You never cease to amaze me what you think of and execute! I know someday I will say, "and I knew her before she became famous!"

PATTY said...

I love your cake. Just last night I presented my sister, Lizzy a 5 tier paper cake for her 50th birthday party. It was made of a series of boxes decorated with 94 handmade paper flowers. It will filled with 90 birthday/memory, notes, candy, lottery tickets, and embellishments for scrapbooking, and pictures from her childhood. She just loved it. I would really love to see the one that you will make with the flowers, you always make awesome stuff. If you want to take a look at my cake go to www.paperpiecingpatty.blogspot.com

Chelle said...

That would be cool if the candle number changed each year. Then at least for the first 5 years (say) she could have a picture taken with the same cake.

Dawnll from Dawn's Craft Place said...

Such an adorable one...such a fun prop idea.
I have made so many cakes as props for others and always get so much satisfaction when they love them.
Maybe that could be a business, selling props

Nanabells said...

OMG that is so cute!!! What a great idea... you never cease to amaze me with your creativity...

PATTY said...

well I love the pictures and the 2page layout. Great job.