Sunday, August 28, 2011

~Sleepy Sunday Back To Blogging & Sharing Life, GIVEAWAYS~

Good morning crafty world....
Well it's pretty clear that for the first time in 2 years
I took a few days off.
It began with my back going out (more than usual) last weekend and
being stuck in bed for 2 days.
Then I promptly FELL in my scrap room and really landed hard
with a big old burn on my knee and hip aching,
thankfully I have amazing friends
who head over with lunch! :)

Which set me back another couple days, so I just gave up and gave myself
time to catch my breath between baseball games.

Today I am headed to Mt. Juliet for the class I am teaching *YA*

Here is a layout I created this week, I used Clear Scraps XL shapes and
Samantha Walker's new Kokeshi Line! :)
If you head over to Clear Scraps they are giving away a BIG prize
with Pink Paislee STAMPS and Clear Scraps!
I also used the ever amazing McGill punches! :)
Do you want to win McGill punches?
Go to my post and enter! I am extending it until this weekend
due to my being away :)
I also used the Samantha Walker UNITY Stamp for this layout!
Yes I did stamp again!!! :)
Now on to my country life...I wanted to share this with you because my
friend Lisa Mlt told me to LOL
This weekend I was feeling so cooped up so I asked hubby
if we could go for a walk in the neighborhood...he said ok and we
got my red wheelchair out, I met him at the driveway and
we started our walk. Gage who had earlier been playing with
his "jump rope" yes it's hand made! LOL
He wanted to "tow" by golly...I let all the boys try.
It was cracking me up!!!!!!!!!! We were all laughing except
hubby who thought I would be injured LOL
Amd he might have had the right to be worried, these boys about
pulled me into the ditch every 2 minutes.
But it was so cute I had to snap pictures all the way down the road!
Justice felt so bad he decided to "walk" tow me after a very
close call to the ditch and his bike....
We made it to the end of the road...a scene I have not seen in a year.
The amazing pasture at the end of our road...*sigh* loves it.
And this is the bouquet hubby picked me on the way there and back.
He picked every flower he spotted. It was a lovely evening.

I really have been learning that it is ok to let people help you and to
admit you can't do it anymore. It was a BIG deal for me to even get the wheel
chair and I am still embarrassed and feel like a burden 50% of the time.
BUT every day gets easier and the boys have totally adapted to
mom being pushed around, in fact they fight to push me! hehe

Now don't forget about my CRICUT GIVEAWAY!
I hope you entered!!!!!!!
The month is almost up!!!

Have a wonderful weekend....



Amanda said...

Sometimes I wish I was one of your kids, you always look like you have so much fun with them.

Unreal photos, love them!!

Kim. said...

Gorgeous layout. Oh what fun, when my kids were younger they used to fight over who was going to push me now I almost have to plead with them to push lol and my godchildren are always fighting over who is going to sit on my lap so I have to have one on the way there and the other on the way back!! It is so nice just to get out of the house though isn't it, a change of scene makes a whole difference to your day.
Kim xXx

Kelly Sas said...

Pinky, the sooner you learn you have to do the things you can and let go of guilt about the things you can't do the physically healthier you will be in the years to come. I know it is a hard thing to do, because I have been there myself. I have had to modify my life, quite my career as a RN, give up certain hobbies, but now that I am 10 years down the road I am much healthier than back then when I kept fighting to do what my body just could not do anymore. My pain is under better control too! You are so blessed to have a hubby and boys who support you - let them! I hurt for you dear lady.

Rhonda V. said...

Those pictures just warm my heart gf!!! What a fun mom you are, that's the most important thing of all! Your kids are going to laugh and tell stories of all those fun moments!!!

Sent ya some love over at McGill FB & Blog too. (((Hugs))) and feel better gf!!!

callyannc said...

Love this Layout and all the colors! Make sure you take care of yourself though! TFS CallyAnn