Saturday, August 13, 2011

~Pool Days & What Surveys Getcha~

Good morning,
Happy Saturday!
I had a fun day with my gf Adrienne yesterday, we had
lunch and chilled in the pool. Actually we laughed in the pool
because all year we had these great blow up chairs...
BUT the boys kept popping them repeatedly, sooooo hubby decided
to get me a "special" more expensive chair and he bought 2 one for me and one
for Adrienne....but the problem is...we could NOT stay on them LOL
It was a falling into the pool fest, and you know I hate getting my hair wet!
So...these chair SUCK LOL Neither A or I are coordinated enough
to stay afloat on them and I need to go find my cheap floaty
chair and hide them from the kids! LOL

anyways....on to fun mail time....

I will be the first to admit when I see a survey, I usually just
drone through it and don't give it a second thought...

MONTHS ago...maybe even a year ago I took a survey
and look what happened?? LOL
To be honest I don't even remember doing it but it was
a fun surprise in the mail yesterday!
I know many Fiskateers get these but it was fun to get one of my own.
Happy Saturday everyone! Thanks for popping by and sharing a slice
of my life...I love ya~



Ziggyeor said...

LOL silly expensive chairs!

Cool punch ;)

Adrienne said...

Those chairs are special all right!I still have water in my ears hee heee

Lorraine said...

oh wow congrats on naming the punch i think its suits it perfectly enjoy your prize xx

Tona said...

Lol at your floating chair story.
Congrats on naming a punch!

Kelly Sas said...

Your cheap silly chair is one of our old favorites for the lake! We found something else we like better a few years ago, but before that we went through a lot of those other ones because of our kids breaking them too! LOL Guess what Pinky, my daughter Samantha (fiskateer 6363, I think that is her #) named your punch stary nights also! She did a post on fiskateers titled EEEeee! She also named a boarder punch. There is also an article posted by one of the leads on the main page about naming punches. Congrats, I would so love to know that I named a punch!!!

joni said...

And they look like such nice comfy chairs too! I'm glad you posted this because I'm in the market for new chairs when they go on sale for next summer...I'll be sure to stay away from these! Congrats on the punch! Looks like a cool punch! YAY!!!

Leah Crowe said...

omg i am crackin up thinking about you gals falling in the water.. sorry about your hair, but that shizz is FUNNY! ;)
Congrats on the punch naming.. that is totally COOL.

Kim M said...

We have those exact same floats in green and pink and we have the exact same problem, I keep sliding out of them, my little 7 year old is the only one that can stay in them, what a waste of money.