Saturday, June 4, 2011

~I HAD To Scrap It!~

Good morning!!!

We have a big baseball game today, but I wanted to get this post in first.
I HAD to scrap the pictures that my besties took of the
TV spot we taped in Kentucky.
This was a shot before we taped, we had set up but were waiting
for our time in the "green" room, which was a conference room
because the "green room" was full with this adorable family, who's young
son was singing live. *very sweet*
Anyways, in MANY of my pictures at shows or events I have my "Hang Loose"
sign flashing because Hawaii had such a tremendous impact on my life,
and it helped me become a teacher/artist.
Ken saw it and said "Oh wait, you are doing something with your hands" and
Adrienne snapped this shot...I have to giggle because when we saw
it later she said "Use your mind not your nine" bahahaha!
Thaz right, so I just put it right on the LO! hahaha
It was one of those funny and too cute moments,
Ken was hysterical and such a kind fella, what an awesome sport.
It was a fun gig and I hope we get to do it again soon!
We made a great team and it was extra special with my homie-girl
helping out and snapping pics~

OHHH and this layout?? Courtesy 100% with the
GO BUY IT!!!!! :)
I designed it!!!!

Ok wish my babies luck today, it's our last couple ball games!
GO CRUSHERS!!!!!!!!!



Ziggyeor said...

Awesome LO I love the picture :)

Dawnll said...

Fun memory and great layout! I enjoyed the clips you shared of your TV time.
I know you have a great time anywhere you go.
blessings to you, Dawn ll
Tell the boyz GOOD LUCK!!!

{raisingAlexis} said...

what a great layout ... looks like you had fun before, during and after the show!

Adrienne said...

Best layout ever!!

Tona said...

Wonderful layout!
I hope that the boys games went well today.

June Houck said...

TFS, Pinky. You are so good at capturing these special memories. We often forget our camera all together :(

I enjoy all of your photos, LOs and projects.