Monday, June 27, 2011

~Hey Foxy~

Good morning!!!

I had a sweet weekend with hubby and friends, I spent alot of time
with my girlyfriend watching Mad Men, and alot of time with
hubby and the boys making/eating cake, how was your weekend??

Have you seen the Happy Harvest release from Imaginisce?
This week they are having a party celebrating their newest line.
I genuinely adore this line with the cute little fox in the mix!~
I actually gave this card to my hubby, I just could not resist!
It's funny how 6 months ago I never would have thought I
would ever love making cards so much.
But I really do!
Go check out the Imaginisce Blog, I am sure they are hosting giveaways!
Happy Monday everyone!!!

I am off to prepare for out 4th of July party,
Sunday we went and bought a shade canopy and screen room for
the food and this week I will start cooking and mowing.
It's going to be a great week! :)


v said...

I love making cards! I agree with you...that little fox sure is cute!

~Vanessa W

lynn79 said...

It is amazing what inspires us! But I love that card! Your hubby is one lucky guy!

Kim. said...

Oh Pinky this is a really cutey cute card so not like your normal style what happened? lol.
Oh I wish I was in the US for 4th July your parties are amazing, we have nothing like it over here in the UK.
Kim xXx

Tona said...

Love your card. I bet it brought a smile to your husband's face when you gave it to him.

Kray said...

Cute card! I was like you, I never saw myself loving to make I do. I can't even buy a store bought card has to be homemade.