Sunday, June 19, 2011

~Last Baseball Post For A While!~

Good morning my friends!!!

You are looking at the #3 Champions of our league! :)
I could not be more proud of our kids!!!

Yep, you guessed it, no crafting today, so sorry. :)
We came from the bottom with no chance of even being in the tournament,
to the #2 spot and we beat out ALL the local teams on our level.
The teams that won were out of towners.
It was a great day yesterday. In Fall my boy moves to kid pitch
and its a whole 'nother game then, so I am happy he got a chance
to experience a winning team and season.

Here is Justice with the trophy :)
Here is my boy Gage with the trophy!
And the boys headed to the field for the trophy pictures.
My men-minus one.
The goofy trophy shot! :) hehehe I love our bad news bear team!
We don't begin fall ball until school begins, no more baseball posts
and back to crafting for me. :)

Hubby will be working alot more now also, so I expect to be
back in full swing this week!

Thanks for sharing this season with me, I know it's hard to listen to a
bragging mother, but it was a great experience and a life changing event
for me personally. I grew up never having seen any sports being played
or knowing they even had little league and activities like it.
So it's very interesting to me to see the community come together and
make new friends from these activities. I love it!
Happy Sunday & Happy Father's Day....


Ziggyeor said...

I love your bragging Mother pics :) It makes me feel a little bit like an Aunt when I can get to go out there and watch them play. All my other nieces and nephews are so far away.

Scatter said...

Congrats to the boys!! It's been fun following!

Kimberli said...

Nothing wrong with a bragging mom, its easy to do when we're proud of our kids! Congrats to them!!

Mrunmayee said...

I am here from Imaginisce Blog!!
good to be here :)

Shelley said...

I have been following Imaginisce blog for months now, and have now found yours. Thanks for the chance to win the new i-rock tool and goodies. Now to go and read more of your blog.

Scrapthat said...

Yay! Congrats!!
I love the little bottles the gems come in! Too cute!

Colleen B. said...

I would love to try this. It looks so fun to use. Thanks for the chance.

Patricia Hurlburt said...

WOW...What an amazing tool!! I would love to have one of these bad a$$ babies!
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Nanabells said...

I'm glad you had a good experience. It is been my experience that it's great fun. Unfortunately, a co-worker has had 2 bad experiences with parents (of other teams) and her 9 year old's sports. Human nature, and all that, but people really need to remember it should be a fun, positive learning experience, and after all they are just little kids. Have a great day!

Ladybug68 said...

Hello!! Checking out your blog for the first time!!

Amy Day Creates said...

Huge fan! I love what you can do with the i-rock. It makes bling so easy!

michelle said...

i came over from the imaginsce site to enter for the prize....also will be a the i rock!!
you can find me over at my blog

thanks :)

Tina said...

yay what a cool tool...I am here from Imaginisce Blog!!im a long time follower on both blogs...happy to be


Amy said...

Checkin out your blog. It's great, I'm always looking for new sites to be inspired by.

JustMeJustina said...

I'm a new follower.....I would love this....I love pink and I love bling!!! Thanks for the chance!

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Michelle said...

would so LOVE to win this!!that hat is stinking adorable i want one!!:)