Thursday, June 23, 2011

~Camping Season Layouts & Kit Reveal~

Good morning!!!
What a day yesterday, my poor hubby worked a 22 hour shift
and yesterday he had the entire day off to sleep, I don't know if it's
more exhausting entertaining 3 boys all day or keeping them quiet all day!

Camping season is upon us and the Hobbs family, well we LOVE camping,
I miss it so much, we have not been since we moved from Oregon.
This year we are planning one camping trip, to test the waters on
camping in the south, which is MUCH different then in Oregon.
In Oregon you plop a tent down in a primitive campground by a
stream with fresh clear water, or on the coast with the beach across the walkway.

Here it seems to be filled with olympic sized swimming pools
and muddy waterways full of snakes and fish. It will take some getting used to.
Anyways back to the crafting right? haha

I used my Momenta products to make this layout, I love that they have
It's the same line I used for the clock!

Ok on to more fun, this is the July TALLY KIT!
Sassy Vintage Dreams, you can see it is alot of Sassafras Lass.
It goes up for sale on the 1st and for subscribers it is already up.
I cannot wait to play with it!

Ok I am off to plan a picnic for these boys,
after yesterday's silent day, they deserve it!!!
Have a great Wednesday! Don't forget about the giveaways earlier this week! :)


Chelle said...

I think it is more stressful to keep the kids quiet then to keep them entertained.

littlen said...

keeping kids quiet is definitely more challenging than keeping them entertained.

Dawnll said...

Wow your honey is a trooper to work 22 hours.
I don't know how you kept 3 boys quiet- you must be a miracle
Love the camping project- with the fun details.
I am with you about the bugs and snakes- I tried the camping down south and gave up quickly. Give me a clean bed anytime.

{VICKI} said...

We are outdoorsy people!

Kim. said...

Keeping the kids quiet is definitely the hardest lol, hope hubby doesn't have too many days like that.
Love the layout, great papers.
Kim xXx

Jenny's Heart said...

So cute and you did a great job, it really does look ceramic!
Love ya

Brenda said...

loveeee your layout!We really enjoy camping but we do it the easy way with the excited this year hubby found a great deal on a golf cart so I can get around more! I am way too old to do the tent thing again.....did when I was younger.
Sounded like a good day for the boys to enjoy their is alot of hours!