Friday, June 17, 2011

~Trip Down Memory Lane & Kit Deals~

Good morning!!
I worked on projects yesterday but they are all top secret and
I also got caught up mowing the lawn! haha

Quick story...I love mowing my lawn on my riding mower,
I have so few good childhood memories, but one very strong one is going
to see my grandmother (who has passed) and watched her drive her
riding lawn mower. I always wanted to ride with her.

I have to admit every time I take the seat of my mower,
I smile and think of her, I guess it's my little connection
to the good memories I have of her, sweet fond memories of
the silliest thing like a lawn mower.
Always makes me happy, I miss you grandma Ginger ♡

Hey did you notice the ad above??
I wanted to take a minute to mention
EVERY KIT is 15.00! For those on a budget like me
it's a fantastic deal!
Thanks for sponsoring my blog Paper Lovelies!
Go visit them and check out the deals!! :)

Now wish me luck tonight, the boys have a huge game!!
Last games tonight and tomorrow, I am VERY excited!!!!! :)
We have a chance of making 1st or second place if we keep it up,
let's hope my little man is well enough to play, he has been
sick for a few days now.

*Don't worry, baseball talk will be over soon* haha
Thanks for popping by, I love ya for it!


Ziggyeor said...

I enjoy the baseball talk! ;) Good Luck Crushers!

Nice memories of your Grandma. My grandparents had a riding lawn mower and I would drive in circles on the back yard but I never wanted to mow!

Dot said...

Family memories are the best! I used to get to ride on the trackor while my Grandpa worked in the fields. Loved riding that bumpy old thing!

Good luch tonight!

Kelly Sas said...

Thank God for loving Grandmas. Mine made a huge impact on who I am. I still miss her very much at times. I had to laugh when I read the name of your boys team - Crushers - LOVE it!

{VICKI} said...

Good luck to your boys---that's where I'm headed out to as well. My son is playing in the state tournament tonight.


Jenny's Heart said...

Brag away! Your fellas did a great job and Andrew works hard for all of y'all so brag, brag, brag! I will always be here to listen/read and to heck and be darned with anyone who doesn't like it!
Loads of love to ya.