Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Chicken Butts & More Fall Fun!~

Good morning!

I almost missed blogging due to a forgotten double header
baseball game last night with my teenager Bradley.

I have to say those games are LONG and drawn out and so
slow....it's hard to keep my other 2 entertained for 4-5 hours with no
playground and 5000000 bugs! LOL But we made it through.
They won one game and lost the next and you would have thought
the whole world ended. Man teenagers are MOODY! LOL

Anyways...on to scrapbook fun :)
I made this layout with the new Happy Harvest line
they are having a big blog party release this week.
I had to scrap the chicken butts I love so much!!!
This was a fun line to work with for sure.
One of our poor hens decided to brood in a big way and she plucked all
her belly feathers, poor little thing. I am trying to break it because
there is no rooster to fertilize the eggs yet, but she is stubborn.
Anyways I hope you enjoyed the layout as much as I did.

I am off to chop my hair off today!!!!
Happy Tuesday!!!!!



Ziggyeor said...

giggle chicken butt!

Ohh can't wait to see the new hair cut!

Jodi said...

First of all, way precious layout...secondly, an ignorant question due to me never having really been around farms...she plucks her belly feathers to entice a rooster (if there were one) to fertilize her eggs? Btw, I love reading about your chickens, children, etc...you sound like a terrific person.

Pinky said...

Morning Jodi, she plucked her belly feathers to keep her eggs warm. :)

Kelly Sas said...

Oh I am so nervous for you to get your hair cut - yet excited to see your new doo! So teenage boys are moody too? I thought it was just teenage girls! Good luck with that.

Carrie K said...

When I read your title, I thought Chicken butt? WTH? LOL! So cute!!

Tona said...

Love everything about your chicken butt layout!!!

Dawnll said...

That is a hilarious layout! Cute as can be.

I don't miss the teenage years anymore especially boys...lol

Kray said...

Chickens do have cute little butts! What a lovely layout!

thekolbes said...

Love your layout.Can't wait to see your new hairdo

Auntie Em said...

Too funny! I would never have thought to take a pic of a chicken's butt but you turned it into an amazing LO and a great story.
Thanks for sharing! :)