Sunday, June 5, 2011

~*Proud Momma* Baseball Picture Time!~

Morning my friends....
yep, it's that time again LOL

My proud momma pictures take over the blog today!
I am the score whore this year (I volunteered) so I don't get to take many
pictures but I went early and took shots before the game and
got my version of the team shot.

Not perfect by a long shot but good memories for sure♡♡

Justice ready for the game, all focus!
One of the better Team shots I took

I love this shot with Justice in the background ready to swing, plus the
coach watching him. Fun shot! I had to age it of course :)

It was so hot poor Gage needed a drink.
This was right after the game, I LOVE this shot!!!
We had just won and the coach was smiling and the kids were so happy!
OK just a glimpse, you know I took like 75 shots LOL
We won the last game and lost the one before but it was all good.

I am going to scrap and relax today...its so hot, time for a day off.
Happy Sunday everyone!



Reilly / Bree said...

those are awesome photo's and the team shots are perfect for capturing these special moments in their life - congrats to the team for winning !

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah! Great shots! I can't wait for baseball next year! Or are Andrew and Bradley doing a summer league?