Friday, March 25, 2011

~I Had No Idea What I Was In For!~ ♡♡

Good morning my crafty friends! :) Happy Friday!

Before I hit the scrapbooking/crafty news today I have to take a second
to share a couple pictures of my boys. It's so funny...
ALL week long they have begged me to build a fire pit, which
we had planned for a while now but had not done it yet.

Finally the other day I just said "GO DO IT! Get out of this house" LOL
Can I just tell you that I should have let them do it on Monday??
They must have spent 4 hours total building this "Fire Pit". God bless them
it was adorable! I never knew digging a small hole and playing with rocks
could be so much fun for my boys! LOL
I also gave them a hand saw and I think they nearly died and went to heaven!
When they were done making the pit, they spent another hour playing with
wood preparing for the night we have a fire. I mean they are like little ants
out there preparing for winter! It was so fun and adorable!
You can see the dog "Daffodil" never left their side either LOL
I LOVE LOVE being a mom of boys, it really is a hoot! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

OK on to craftiness! :)

Boy oh boy when I took over Tally Scrappers I had no idea what I was in for!
Who knew that CHA shipping was so finicky! LOL

I had this amazing kit planned and half of it did not arrive. It was either
sold out or on back order, I ordered it months ahead of time too!

But I had alot of fun making this kit and changing it up at the last minute. :)
Here is the Tally kit for April "Wings & Blooms" which I had named
AHEAD of time and the blooms did not exactly arrive! LOL
I really just have to laugh about it now!!! hahahaha
I love how pretty the kit is and soft too.
I cannot wait to dig in and play!
I also love the new Pink Paislee papers! Oh la la!
And I fell in love with the new 7 Gypsies book covers!!
Anyways here it is my friends :)
My week in a nutshell!
HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for popping by and listening to me blab! LOL



Shawna said...

Your boys are awesome. :-) My husband STILL spends hours and hours on projects like that. We built a dam in the creek next to our house, and he'll spend hours out there fine-tuning it. Oh, and the kit rocks, btw.

StampinCathy said...

The boys rocked this pit. Love the kit too!

Diana Joy said...

Fun story of your boys. My son could go outside and keep himself busy all day....loved that in him. Have a joyfull/boyfull weekend.

Melissa said...

I always wanted a daughter (which I don't have)...but now, I cannot imagine my life without my boys! They keep me guessing and entertained all the time!

Have a great weekend Pinky!


Dawnll said...

Love the pictures of the boys...miss that stage so much. My daughter was such a tomboy and lead the boys around and they loved to build.
That kit looks yummy girl.
love the butterflies
have a great weekend

Reilly / Bree said...

Boys can always find fun in doing the simplest things - but I bet there was a bit of hidden perfectionist in them - every rock had to be in JUST the right place and every bit of wood in JUST the right place. It looks like Daffodil was doing a great jobs of dogervising - I am sure they couldn't of managed without her :) :)

Kelly Sas said...

I'll listen to you blab anytime Pinky! LOL Love your stories of your boys.

Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Is that the puppy that was so small and only a handful last year?

Kray said...

I love this Cristal!!!! Your boys are so cute! My son loves building things and at their age, he couldn't build enough. just get them some more wood, and see what creations they can build. My son built a fort one time. We were able to get some scrap partical boards from construction sites.....he had so much fun building it.

juscrap said...

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Raven B said...

Pinky I really want this kit and I see that its sold out how do I go about getting ALL ofthem in the future?
thatsmerb at gmail dot com