Thursday, November 19, 2009

~Wow it's all coming together so fast!~

Good morning once again!
So many things happening this week!I watched TV the other day and they were getting personal with
a contestant on the Biggest Loser
Well, it really struck home with me.
Some very personal issues came out including why I gained weight and
what was that pivotal moment that really changed me and changed
my life. And I have to say it is NOT pretty, it's really horrible in fact.
So horrible I could not quite get it all out on paper, but I was able to get
some of it out on paper, and here it is.
I LOVE Collage Press and their papers just make me want to
scrap from AM to PM!
The journaling (in case you cannot read my scribble LOL) says:
I bake, I craft, I care, I try....but still I have those days where I totally
feel all the pain, guilt and shame of allowing myself to stay in an abusive relationship
allowing myself to get all messed up, messing my body up
changing my life forever because I was not strong enough to get
away from you to save me or my baby.

Do I feel better after scrapping that? NO LOL but I guess it is a step.

Now on to prettier things!
Take a peek at our new car, ok ok, it's not NEW
and it's in our budget, but it is our second car for the first time
in over 2 years! I am so happy.
This will be hubby's little gas saver for work, and I will have the van to run
the kids to and from school/sports/meetings...etc...
This is going to be a real time and frustration saver!

Now y'all know I will be offline this weekend for sure!
And unpacking next the blogging will be scarce for a couple days...
be sure to check out Purple Cows today!
I believe they are featuring a project I did and a how to sheet!
~Have a great Thursday!~


Jocelyn said...

I love the is good to get things on paper....even if you do not feel that it helped...I promise it helps!!!! Congrats on your new is just perfect....and now you have a vehicle...Enjoy this time...moving into your new home, unpacking and making your home beautiful!!! Don't stress about the Blog...we will all be here waiting for you!!! :-)

nancy said...

Wow, love how deep this layout is!! Great job...

Colleen said...

I love how you are able to scrap the bad. I have not tried to do that yet, but will soon. The new car looks nice. I am sure that you will enjoy having the extra set of wheels. Have fun with the move, can't wait to see pictures.

Me........... said...

gorgeous layout, i love the story behind it - very deep hun and so strong of you to do it!!!! love the new car too :D congrats. i'm leaving an award for you on my blog later today, so look out for it hun. have a great day xxx

joni said...

What a great story behind this beautiful LO! I think we can all relate at least to some if not all of it! Congrats on the new car...its so cute and how nice to have 2 cars!!! Have fun moving in and making your new place your own!

sandyh50 said...

Beautiful layout! I am so happy you got your second vehicle and are moving to your new home. Have a great week!

Tona said...

Love your layout & congrats on the new car.

Aeify said...

Congrats on the home, moving, car and FAB LO!! So wonderful of you to share so much of yourself and inspire others to work it out by scrapping. THANK you!!

~Me~ said...

Congratulations on taking a big step...good luck and best wishes fro you in your new home!~SuzySunshine