Wednesday, November 4, 2009

~A different kind of art for me!~

Good morning, I tried something new last night...a painting class!
To be fair I have never painted before in my life.
I am thinking about making paper lollipop flowers and placing them over the dots
I do not like LOL The dots are taunting me!! I was doing fine until I had to make
circles LOL Also I was thinking of putting some sort of CREATE wording
on it to hang in my craft room? We will see...I am happy with my first painting!~

Also I wanted to share a new site with you, well new to me!!
Let me tell you I fit perfectly there!
It is called
"Scrapbooking from the inside out"
Not only are their kits simply AMAZING,
but the entire concept is beautiful.
It is about scrapping all stages of life.
This month is "Generosity"
I hope you go check them out!!
When they say a kit community like no other, they mean it.
Everyone is kind, sweet and honest, there is not catty-ness.
My kind of people!
I just adore the place and check in every single day!I received a BLOG AWARD yesterday! Thanks Kelly~

Here are 5 friends I pass this award on to..
#1 Jocelyn, because she is so sweet and wonderful I wish she
was my neighbor, I love her form afar!
It shows too because she always has like 40 comments on every post!
#2 Jona- Jona is one of those quiet sweet amazing people, I pop in
on and check out as much as possible, her work is amazing!
#3 Elena- Sweet of course, kind and creative what more can I say?
#4 Deb- who rocks the pink hair! My Armenian Princess friend!
#5 Dee- ever faithful, ever crafting Dee!

So that is all for today...
we heard from the bank and it looks like we should close very soon
and get the heck out of this crazy neighborhood!
~Have a beautiful day~
~THANK YOU for stopping by~


Sherry said...

Well this is absolutely stunning! If you would see my first ever painting you would never getting anything else done in your lifetime for all the laughing! You did a great job and I hope you continue!! I love it!!

Craftypagan said...

Hi Pinky! I think your painting is absolutely beautiful! The colours are simply stunning! No idea what you're on about with the circles, I'd proudly hang it on my wall! Enjoy your day! Love Rowena xxx

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Pinky - I really like the painting - circles and all - You would NOT want to see what I would "create" for my first painting - I don't think my painting skills left 2nd grade

Deanna said...

Thanks gf, I am ever crafting lately huh! And you rock, go on with your busy self! Painting... amazing!

Tona said...

I just love this painting. I wouldn't change a thing. What size is it?

Brenda said...

Pinky I LOVE your painting!! The colors are awesome!!

Brenda said...

I had to come back and thank you for the link for Scraping from the Inside Out!!This is something I REALLY need to do.

Pinky said...

Hey Tona, I think it is 12X20? I don't know, its big

Tona said...

I have decided that there is no end to your talent Pinky!How nice though. Now you have a new painting for your new house ;)

jonaks said...

that is really a nice painting. when can we see the whole art?

thank you so much for the award. so sweet of you!!!

Kray said...

You did a great job! You are spreading your horizons!

Saren said...

Awesome picture Pinky! You are so talented :o)

TanishaRenee said...

your painting is awesome--can't believe you've never done it before! WTG girlie!

Jocelyn said...

Well Miss Pinky......can I tell you that I adore you!!!! What a wonderful surprise!!!! I wish you were my neighbor too...because I could be enjoying all those yummies you make!!! We could eat and would that not be the best thing ever!!!!! I adore your painting....I want to make one!!!! I have never painted either....I got this award several weeks ago and did it....but thank you so much for thinking of me!!!!! I need to check out the site that you mentioned....great people inspire me!!! Have a great day filled with smiles...and one day we WILL meet IRL!!!! :-)

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Oh my goodness girl, what an honor this award is, especially coming from you- the true PINK QUEEN!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!Scrapbooking from the Inside Out rocks, I was lucky to design for them back in March- they have the best inspirational themes, I swear. I love them cuz they challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, and I haven't looked back since. Great people. Yes, no catty-ness! lol Gotta love that.
I have been MIA with my home on the market and my scrapbooking room packed away, so it's very nice to hear from you and get your sweet award, it means a lot!! Have a rockin' day!!! lots of love! xOxO