Monday, November 30, 2009

~How excited am I?!! It is a new day and a fresh start!~

Hey all you beautiful bloggers/crafters!
Pinky is IN DA' HOUSE! hehe
I am offically MOVED and having a ball unpacking...
ok ok not really a ball per say LOL but I am muddling through ok.
We have an amazing Thanksgiving with a total of 13 people here.
Everyone was gracious and kind about the food, and it was so relaxed and fun!
Here are me and my girlyfriends on the front porch before they all
left with their children. It was a great day!I never realized just how much my life would change for the better
moving away from Oregon. The peace and relaxation of the holidays
is 100% worth it. I know it has been a rough move and a trying 2.5 years
but the reward is finally showing.
No worries about running into anyone who might hurt me,
no worries about the stress of drama and pain or facing my past
every single year, just me and those whom I love.

OK on to fun Scrappy news!
A really great friend of mine, in fact one of my biggest supporters!!
She is starting a brand new kit club and let me tell you, she is doing it RIGHT!
It is coming out with a BANG!
You have to check it out!
This is what I created with her DECEMBER kit...HEELLLOOO! Is this not the coolest kit ever??!!
I am so tickled PINK about it!
Now I got the Advent Calendar on my own (it was a gift) plus the ribbons and Stickles
but the rest is her amazing classy, beautiful kit!Oh and the Advent Calendar is the Kaiser Craft Advent Calendar.
In case you are wondering hehe :)

I know her taste and I knew her style,
and I can guarantee this will be one of those waiting list kit clubs!
I am so signing up!
is her kit! I LOVE IT! want to know where to find this hot kit and new forum?
Dolores and Michele started this place and trust me, it's going to be sweet,
kind, fun and very creative! They both have style and grace to say the least.
Check them out....
at least stop by and register or see what the kit looks like!

Alrighty then, back to unpacking my scrap stuff! YEA!'
Hopefully scrapbooking tomorrow, since I have a bunch of work due like
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for being patient with me while I got moved~


scrapbookmom79 said...

glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving!! The calendar is fabulous!!

Nikki Love said...

gorgeous advent and glad to hear you're almost all unpacked and getting settled :)

Colleen said...

Glad to hear that everything is going well. Continue to enjoy the unpacking and rearranging until you get everything just right.

Jocelyn said...

So glad all is going well and that you are enjoying your new life!!!

That Calendar is just perfect!!! I love every detail!!!

Wishing you a great week!!! :-)

LynneForsythe said...

Gorgeosos is that Advent Calendar!!! Wow!! the kit is AMAZING if I might say sooo myself!! I wanna sign up tooo!!

Glad you are gettin situated!! Hope all goes well with that!!

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

This is beyond stunning !!!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE that advent calender! Soooo gorgeous! Great colors!!!

Stephanie said...

So glad the move went well and now the unpacking.

This is very beautiful. I'm not clear on the point of an advent calendar, but if I were this is a great idea. :)

Liz said...

Awesome glad it's going well
Here's to finishing.. and a new craft space and Much success my lady

Tona said...

You deserve every good thing that's coming your way!

SnapWhiz said...

So very glad to hear that you are settling in and things seem to be going well gf!

Your advent calendar is da bomb!!

Kray said...

Hey, I missed your blog! I am glad you are moved in....even though the packing/unpacking is a chore and a half.

Anonymous said...

this looks great!!!! LOVE it!!!

glad to hear your thanksgiving went well!

have a great week!


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hey Miss Pinky!!!
I hope all is going well with your move. We are still trying to sell our house, the market is so slow. Cross your fingers. Most of my studio is in a storage unit and I am about to go insane trying to keep this damn house clean 24/7. ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!Anyways,I wanted to say hello and wish you a wonderful holiday season! love deb xOxO