Thursday, June 25, 2009

~Thirsty Thursday....when one door closes~

A few things today,
#1 Happy Birthday to my amazing supportive hubby!

Let me tell you ladies, this man of mine has been my rock for
so long. Without him I never would have found the strength
to face my abusers, my past and the pain.
He sat many nights and held me while I cried half the night away
with flashbacks, pain, and memories.
When he was diagnosed with MS he came home after work
to find me bawling uncontrollably in the shower.
FULLY clothed he stepped in and held me until the water ran cold
and there were no more tears left in me.
I am a blessed woman for sure.
Happy Birthday to a man who deserves more than I can ever give.

#2 This LO I made...
as some of you may know I am on this little site called
Tally Scrappers.
I can honestly say it is the only site I feel comfortable posting
any work of mine on. Doesn't matter if the title has a dirty word
or if the LO is about being abused or beaten.
This place has always welcomed all forms of art and
the people there are 100% supportive.
The owner announced she is selling and moving on
to pursue her dreams,
This LO is a thank you to her for allowing us to
be who we are and grow every day,
fostering amazing friendships and finding new friends.
It is sad but exciting at the same time.

#3 IT IS ALMOST the weekend!!!!!!! LOL
I am happy~!
So today I go to bake a cake...
and celebrate at home with hubby, the way he likes it.
Maybe bring out the boots! LOL *wink*

~Have a great Thursday~
~Thank you for stopping by!~


Jocelyn said...

Happy Birthday to the best Hubby!!!! What a tribute to him and you are so blessed!!!Have a great Birthday celebration :)

icecheeks said...

Okay, the "boots" thing I read as "boobs" and it made me snort my morning coffee!!!!!!!
Love the lo and wishing all the best for you - have a great weekend!

Lisa T. Howard said...

The happiest of birthdays to your special man! Enjoy your boot-wearing celebration! :)

Amy said...

Happy birthday Andrew!!! Im sure you will BOTH have a great day!!! LOL

Tona said...

Love your layout!
Happy Birthday to your husband! I'm so glad you found each other!!

Jillene said...

Happy Birthday to you AMAZING husband!! And the LO is AMAZING too!!

KarenB said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew!!! I love the layout!!!

PS I didn't take your comment any other way than hey check out the flowers...LOL. I saw you did the tutorial after I had sketched out the album and had the flowers noted to make - great minds do think alike!

Liz said...

Awesome card hopefully she'll find a good buyer.

Ziggyeor said...

ROFL about the boots ;) I know whatcha mean ;)

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

Great LO too :D

Laurajean said...

Say Happy Birthday to Andrew, its Bill and my brothers' its a GREAT day....Love the layout about Christine, just finished mine....Love the comment about the "pink" boots....U crack me up girl ;)

ropergirl3 said...

aw, good for you two and happy birthday hubby!!

Kray said...

Cristal, when I see what you write about your have found a keeper. And when we met him in April...and seeing him helping you out w/ all of us crazy also showed me how much of an amazing man you found! is obvious he is crazy about you too!

Glad you found each other

Crystal said...

you are blessed to have such a wonderful hubby! it is truly amazing to have a good man in your life who can understand, handle things and be there when you need him the most. i too am blessed to have someone like that. i wish i would have found the tally scrappers site sooner! i have always been afraid to post certain layouts due to their sensitive subjects but this would have opened so much up! i am so glad that you had this outlet so that you could grow through your pain - and amazing man to help you through too! thanks for sharing everything you do!