Monday, June 15, 2009

~Good morning MONDAY! RAK winner and 15th Reveal~

Good morning all my fellow scrapbookers and blog readers!
I am excited this morning, remember
I told you about a project I was working on...well

My church fans!
In the south church is very popular,
I mean I do live in the Bible belt after all!
Not a bad thing at all, but I got to thinking..
how cool would it be to have a fancy handmade fan
to use in those hot southern churches.
So I started making one
with June Kit #1 from Treasured Scrapbooking!
Now let me tell you how excited my kids were!~
Justice my 7 yr old said "Mom can you wrap this for my birthday?"
Ohhh that boys melts his momma's heart!
I made him a special boy robot one.

Super cute, super fun and unique to boot! I love it!

I kept myself busy this weekend sewing.
I had 2 custom orders come in but
they were for friends so not alot of money, but
fun anyways.
This is a swimdress top I made
with a RUFFLE!
Hellooooo I love ruffles! LOL
And a cute light cotton summer dress...
I so envision this with cowboy boots! LOL
Love it!

And some of you have asked for my shop
I mostly sell on eBay or evilbay LOL

But I do custom work on Etsy

And the WINNER of the RAK!!!!!!

I used and #1 came up so COLLEEN You win.
Please send me your addy girl!

~Have a great Monday!~
~Thank you for stopping by~


Holly said...

I love your work. You are awesome girl. Do you make those dresses in kids sizes? I know it's not your "thing", but can you? I love, love, love them and my little dress wearer would look oh so cute in one!

Maggi said...

I live in the South and I love church fans! Although my biggest memory of them as a child is from funerals. lol Cute dresses!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Great idea with the church fans! Sounds like they are already a hit! Beautiful dresses as always. Thanks for the info on where to find your "stuff". I'm still wanting you to make me a dress but I guess it feel off the radar with my crazy schedule. I worked WAY too hard to get ready to go on vacation *sigh*. But that's usually how it goes. Hope you have a happy Monday!

Tona said...

Love those fans. That was a great idea. The dresses as usual are so great. Like you, I see cowboy boots with the second one. How cute would that be.

Gloria said...

Oh my gosh look at that last dress. You are killing me with this fabric. now I have to save up for another dress.

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

These fans are so uniQue and adorable Pinky!

Austin- omg, i LOVE it there. Their motto is "Keep it Weird!" LOVE IT! You'll have a blast.
I'm in the Dallas area, about 5 hours away. Who knows, maybe a road trip is in order!!!!


Kray said...

Those fans are so cute. Love the dresses!

Congrats Colleen

Patti Smith said...

Love the fan girl and your right we are the bible belt!!!! I can remember my grandmother always fanned with one of the dresses....I like ruffles too! Lookin' forward to seeing you tomorrow night!!

Carol said...

The tops and dress are adorable. I also really love the fans!

Colleen said...

Pinky, love the fans, what a cute idea. Will have to do that with some of the free ones we get at this years fair.
Thanks so much for picking me as your winner, what a fun surprise. I sent you a message through fiskateers with my info in it.