Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a few more shots from our trip to Pickwick Lake.
This was in Shiloh on the battlefield where the Hobbs
great great great grandfather and uncle fought for the
Confederate Army.

Now, you might think I am crazy but I have always loved
the story of Walking Tall (the movie too)
And the man who stood for justice and what was right.
It had always inspired me, and we drove through the
town where the true story took place.
I had to take a picture! I mean come on...
The ROCK did a remake of the movie!! LOL

This is a catfish we saw tied up while we were leaving the paddle boat.
And a duck we saw, isn't he beautiful?!

And this is a moth, a Luna Moth we found at the cabin
late in the evening, that is why the shot is horrible, but
the moth is beautiful!

Here is the back of the paddle boat in action,
the boys loved this part, they watched it for like 20 minutes!

So that was more of our trip.
Thanks for coming along with me!


Anonymous said...

It looks like soo much fun and you have soo many great pics to scrap now to preserve the memories!!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like FUN!!!!!

Tona said...

You got some great photos. It looked like a nice getaway with the family. By the way, I've always liked Walking Tall too.

Michelle said...

Pinky, where are you????? It's been days since you have posted. I'm having withdrawal symptoms. :o(
Come back soon!!!!