Friday, June 12, 2009

~Happy Dancing Friday!

I thought today (since I have not scrapped LOL) I would share
a card my youngest son made.
He came in while the in laws took
the other 2 boys out for a fun day and left him home...
and he said "Momma, can I scrap with you and make daddy a card?"
So of course I jumped all over it!
He wanted "diamonds" and my leftover
piecings I had made this week.

I think he did good for a 5 yr old!

I am so happy today,
even though I had fun with the company
and in laws there was the ever present
negative remarks about my youngest boy and my husband.
So it is a nice feeling to have the house and home back to myself this week!
I slept in late since I was up at 3:30am seeing them off this morning.
Now I can get back to scrapping and enjoying my boys without
worrying how someone sees them or cares for them.
Now back to blogging and back to life! WOOHOO!

~Thank you for bearing with me these last couple of weeks~


Jenn said...

He did a fantastic job! enjoy your day

KarenB said...

He did a fabulous job! Loved seeing all the pics and hearing of your adventures. Glad you got the house back to yourself though! Hugs!

Colleen said...

Wow, he did a super great job.

Hear you about enjoying everything being back to normal. while having company is fun, normal everyday is the best

Ziggyeor said...

aww that's an adorable card! Glad everything will be getting back to normal with you :D

Maggi said...

What a great card, he's a natural talent!

Jenn J said...

His card is wonderful! Glad you're getting back to your normal stuff again. Happy scrappy weekend!

Amy said...

Gage did an AWESOME job on his card!!!! I love it!!!