Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~Awkward Moments Card #2~

Good morning and happy hump day!!! :) 

Yes I am still on this "Awkward Moments" card kick...I mean seriously
I am just laughing and having fun this week with it. 

I have had many texts about ideas....and I had a text from Shauna 
yesterday with this hilarious Llama! LOL 
 Awkward Cards by Pinky- Custom cards made for those delicate "awkward" situations in life. 

You know that friend who get the worst haircut but you LOVE them
and don't want to embarrass them but you are also a good enough
friend to mention it...but you're a chicken? 
Yea, thats when you email me! I got your back! :) 
I just think it's too cute and too fun! 
Any other "Awkward" ideas out there? I would love to hear them.
Want a card made for your Awkward Moment? 

Holler at me! I will make you one! 
Hope you giggled like I did...have a wonderfully crafty hump day. 


Jodie R said...

Hilarious cards!!!

wendyp said...

thats funny!!! Great card!