Monday, April 29, 2013

~Awkward Moments Card #3- Thanks For Parking.....

Hey there, good morning, Happy Monday! :) 

So this weekend we were totally rained in and games were cancelled,
it was the perfect time to get creative. 

My gf Shauna came up with this card idea...
 It starts out as a beautiful card with roses...that says "Hey there"...
 then inside it says this.....
 Come on I know you all need one of these! LOL
For those people who park sideways or take up 3 happens 
to me all the time. People park while I am in the store then I am blocked in.

I added the car rub-ons for fun! :) 
 I am thinking someone will be emailing me today for this card! LOL
It's happening people! LOL
 Awkward Cards by Pinky- Custom cards made for those delicate "awkward" situations in life. 

So happy Monday! I hope it started of with some giggles!
Have a wonderful day. 
Don't forget!!!

Join me with these fun cards! 4 cards in a week only 14.00! :) 
I am using Clear Scraps acrylic and Avocado Arts stamps!


Dorothy said...

Love the cards!!!

Ziggyeor said...

Nice, I love that card. I want to go looking for cars in parking lots just so I can give them that card.

Gina L said...

That's funny! Unfortunately, I wouldn't want to give the asshole such a pretty card. Love the flowers!