Monday, April 8, 2013

Back From Vacation With Tons Of Memories And New Projects!

Good morning friends!!! I am BACK!

Ok I know I am BEHIND but vacation snuck up on me quick and
basically I wasn't able to get my blog posts ready before I left so now
I am going to spend the week playing catch up! :) 
So remember that amazing trip to Louisville I took with my favorite gal pals?
Well I wanted to make a mini album for my gf because it was her birthday
trip so I created a MINI - Mini Album because she LOVES all things mini
and I had this fabby kit from Creating Made Easy to use with a MINI in it. 

Now I promise to share photos of vacation this week but 
right now I wanted to share this project. 
 I printed all the photos in like 1.5"X1.5".
 Everything in the mini is from the kit. 
It's just gorgeous!
 Perfect for this mini.
I love printing mini photos too. I'm not going to lie it's a pretty FUN TIME!
I love making these tiny albums just for shit and giggles. 
People love them and they are great for the purse as well. 

Ok I am off to take my poor little man to the Dr.
He had a nasty injury and 15 stitches this weekend. 
About 2 hours after we got home from the beach he fell and 
bam in the ER- I mean seriously- poor kid. 

Have a wonderful Monday my friends! SEE YOU TOMORROW!



Dorothy said...

I just love minis and this one is awesome!

Ziggyeor said...

I love the mini album.

I hope Justice feels better soon!

Dot said...

The mini makes a great way to save memories!