Thursday, April 25, 2013

~Just Felt Like Sharing~

Hey there, just felt like sharing my smiles for the week...

My amazing family and the precious new addition to the home...
Baby Toffee. This is Daffodil our baby and our newest adopted baby Toffee. 
 BOTH dogs were abandoned and set for the pound. We love them.

And of course baseball season is in full swing,
I have taken over 4000 photos already.....I am super proud of my boys this year!
Justice is hanging in there with his injuries....both permanent feet injuries and stitches. 

 Gage is playing on an amazing special needs baseball team! **LOVES**
 And my oldest son Brad who is volunteering his time
for the special needs team. Such a proud momma this week. 

 Where does the time go? 
I know it won't be long until all of these moments disappear into
full grown adulthood and families of their own...
I better enjoy them while I can because I feel them slipping away...

Thanks for sharing with me today----much love to you. 


Dot said...

Your fur-children are so cute and your boys are growing up quickly!! Can't believe they are getting so grown up!

Jenrex4 said...

Love the baseball pics.
The dogs are soo cute!