Thursday, May 31, 2012

~The Story Layout & Strawberry Picking~

Good morning my friends, 
IF ever there was a day I regretted not remembering my camera
yesterday was that day!! I could have kicked myself!

I drove the boys to the farm in Wartrace, TN (right by Bell Buckle)
and sent them to the field to pick strawberries.
I was very careful to instruct them on not fighting and all that
because it was the first time they were going alone, I could
not make it to the field myself and no wheelchair path. 

God bless them, they made it all the way and did not fight once!
Plus my youngest even HELPED! haha A miracle in the strawberry
field for sure! I was so proud, they even grabbed some blueberries.
We made jam last night, and I baked all day.
We made 2 batches of muffins, 4 batches of jam, home made bread
chili, sweet cornbread muffins, and more.  

I wanted to share one of my last digital layouts with you for that
digtal scrap booking race. Can you believe I made it all the way through?
Digital scrap booking has always been fun but not my 
main form of playing, so this was a wonderful challenge. 

This page had to be all about me, so I did a page on how people
see me and what they expect me to be able to handle. 
My close friends know I have a tender heart though.♡♡
 I used a kit from Ginger Scraps on this page. Summer Lovin'. 
I really enjoyed the race, I might enter another contest if I find one. 

Oh and here is a picture of the strawberries after I got home. 
I really am proud of these boys of mine. They are all growing
up so fast and it's clear they will be fine young men. 
Well that's it for me today, short and quick. 
I am working on several projects right now, and trying to adjust to the boys 
being home all the time!!! AHHHH LOL 

I have a big announcement coming soon, plus I was at Sam's Club
last week and saw some of my publication work on packaging, so
that was pretty fun. I never know where I will see my projects. LOL

See y'all tomorrow!


Kray said...

Strawberries! Yum!!!!

Can't wait for your announcement!

Ziggyeor said...

Sounds like fun at the strawberry patch. I remember doing that as a kid, really fun. Steve picked up a book on canning and making jams and jellies so I'm sure we'll get out ourselves sometime.

Love the Digi LO. You'd think I'd get more on my digi stuff since I'm wall to wall with stuff here and can't do anything :0

Can't wait for the big news. I go into Sam's for prescriptions so haven't even looked at the other stuff to see your things on packaging.

Kelly Sas said...

I love it when you have a BIG announcement coming. Your boys are going to make some amazing husbands too some day! LOL - but I am serious. Another week and we should be in strawberry season here too! Great LO. Enjoy your day!