Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~So Fun & Young~

Good morning my amazing crafty friends, 

I had to share a very quick story today about my visit last night at the all field. 
A very sweet little chickita banana (4 years old) has taken to crafting and
the first place her mom sent her was to me! So it looks like I will have a cutie
pie partner very soon in my crafty adventures. 
I LOVE how crafting spans all ages! :) 
I will be sure to share our adventures. 

In the mean time I have been working with the Weathered Spring Kit 
from the Scraptastic Club this month. I have been sharing for a week or
so but this kit is to die for! LOVE IT!
 I am a Thicker whore so the Thickers make me smile. 
 I used the add-on liquid pearls to dot the letters for some fun.
 The colors are perfect for spring, beach, summer...heck I would use them for fall
I don't care I just love the color combinations!
And that is all for me today, we have a very busy week ahead with tons of games
Plus we had an amazing practice for our youngest last night. 

If you haven't hugged your friend today, do it! They are so precious! :) 


Kray said...

Very cute!

Kelly Sas said...

Would LOVE to hug YOU my friend! Finally got to my 19 days of mail (I needed two big boxes at the post office to get it all in my van) In it I found your "just because" package of big brads, pearls (I can never have enough pearls!!!), self stick bling, also the greatest green glitter self adhesive bling too and the design your won stickers! Pinky, you are the most wonderful, caring, creative, fun, kind, thoughtful, LOVING, down to earth, common sense smart lady! I thank God the day I met you because you have given me so much joy and lead me to such great crafty companies. I love EVERYTHING about you because you are real and live truthfully. Thank you for the great homecoming gift! (Just in case you didn't know, I was in China for 18 days. Please don't think that I wasn't greatful because I didn't thank you sooner, but today was the first day I was able to get to the post office to get out mail)