Monday, May 14, 2012

~Friendship Cards & Mother's Day At The Hobbs~

Good morning my friends!! :)

We had a wonderfully busy weekend....I did sit down and create
these friendship cards because as you know I really don't
have a mother around and was quite inspired to make friendship cards. :)
 I used Momenta goodness for these cards...
 Saturday we had 2 games then Saturday evening a very impromptu
BBQ party at our home with wonderful people. 
You know so often we get bust and don't get time to spend with
other families and when we get time to visit it is just amazing!

I am VERY thankful this week for KIND and wonderful 
friends who are just so fun and supportive~

Anyways Sunday morning I woke up without hubby because he had
to work all day, BUT on their own the boys did this!!!
They cooked me breakfast and even sugared my eggs!!! ROFL
So yucky but so sweet LOL

Plus I never eat this much food so it was funny....and cute.
Gage came bounding in with a coupon book and this was the second coupon, 
I could not resist sharing with sweet is this?

Justice jumped up and said "Gage!!! That's not a coupon!!
You like to push mom!" ROFL hysterically laughing at that until I peed.
When hubby finally got him in the evening...he had this...

they all voted and thought the best gift was for a new gun.

I have been wanting a shotgun for a while but he could not find a pink
one so he got me a .22 rifle. It's adorable and little...and fun.
He said he will find me a shotgun very was a sweet gesture from
the boys! :) It was a nice Mother's Day. 

Oh and I got to see my gal April again at the baseball lesson...
good times~ :) 


Angela said...

Super cute Mother's Day Gifts! Love the pink 22!

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Great cards. But wow look at your hot new pink shotgun and LOL that's the best part in life enjoying what you kids make and do. My oldest is in MS and boy I tell ya I can't wait for her to get her. I miss her so muchTFS AJ~