Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~Team Spirit w/ I-rock & Family Update~

Good morning!!!

I still have not been to the Dr. because they made my son's
appointment for 8:30am today. Just a quick FYI for my friends
who have been asking. I will post tomorrow when I find out what's wrong.

As you know it is the release week for the NEW glam rocks
and i-rock goodies from Imaginisce.
Now this is not for the release, I just made this for ME! hehe

Thankfully my son agreed to model my team visor!!!
Isn't he freakin CUTE!-
Ok anyways....I used the new Large Flourish Stencil and my
older crystals from the compact to jazz up my team hat.
Yes, I put a little TEAM SPIRIT on Miss Pinky's visor!
I also free handed our last name.
I wanted to put PINKY but hubby said it was about the kids
not about mommy LOL I really wasn't thinking I guess, I just like
to bling up anything that goes on my head! :)
I love it! It screams GO TEAM LOL
This is the stencil I used....
Be sure to visit the Imaginisce Blog and enter to WIN!
They are giving away prizes all week long!

Ok I am off to the Dr. with my boys this morning...
I hope it goes well but I have a feeling it will be a long day.


Liz said...

PLEASE tell me how you got the teeny tinies on that beautiful clear card you did ! The first thing I tried to decorate with my i-rock was the hot pink glam rocks on my Ott Lite base. Melted the daylights out of a couple after only 2 seconds, so you can imagine how frightened I am to use them on acrylic ! I'll take ANY tips you have on the i-rock, and WHEN will we see the new goodies in stores ?

Von said...

Awesome blingage on your visor!

Drayia said...

Love it Pinky. I too like to have bling on my hats, Go team Hobbs!!

Kelly Sas said...

Yea for Team Hobbs! Bummer, I was really hopping to find out about your son's hand. Sure hope it won't be a long drawn out process to figure out if it is broken &/or what they can do for him. I had another f/u on my eye and the doc was over an hour late yesterday! Plus I have to drive 45 min. away to see this Retina specialist!

Reilly / Bree said...

That is super cute !! And so was the model :) He did a great job !! I guess he was thankful at least that it wasn't a "pink" visor :)

deb famularo said...

What a handsome boy! (I hope everything goes well at the dr.)

Gosh, I have been catching up on all your fabulous creations here- and the chicks! Very cool!
You've been busy girl!!!

Stay well....love d

Liz said...

Looking forward to the new bling coming out. Perfect I will have to do up a visor myself.. hmmmm

Dawnll said...

Can you imagine a life without bling or sparkle??? Might as well shoot me and put me down then..lol
Hope everything goes well, and yes he is a cutie for sure and a real trooper for modeling for you.

Jenrex4 said...

You are the Bling Queen!! love the hat.

Good luck with the boys, wishing them well soon.

joni said...

Good luck at the doc!!! Your visor is ROCKIN!!! That looks so great! And yes, he is soooo adorable!!! Great age! TFS