Monday, April 25, 2011

~Brand New Glam Rocks & Chicken Update *pictures*~

Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

We had a very busy weekend and I have pictures below, but
first I wanted to share my reveal with the new Glam Rocks from Imaginisce!
They finally have RED!!!!!!!! :) I am so excited!
Red studs which I used here, and new templates too.
I added my older black crystals as well. It was a fun project.
Of course I used my D-Stress on the Clear Scraps acrylic
to make it a permanent adhesive.
But I have to say I love the red! :)
Oh and go check out the blog...they are having GIVEAWAYS with
the new Glam Rocks!

I also wanted to share the picture of the new chicken pen.
After I went to Kentucky you know hubby bought 8 more chickens
bringing the grand total up to EIGHTEEN! hehe
They needed more room for sure. We just added the "babies" to the mix
yesterday, right after we built this new pen. It is 4 times the size of
the old pen and they are loving it!! It's also right beside my garden.
See how happy they are in the fresh grass?
All the grass in their old pen had died off of course.
Here are 2 of the older babies, the sick chickens that are looking very
healthy and happy now. They were really happy to not be the only
babies in the pen since we put the other 6 in.
They really are spoiled little monsters...these two LOL
We also dug out a 24 foot are for the pool. When I say we, I mean
the boys and hubby dug and I hauled dirt. LOL
Finally complete!! to add the sand and level it...
Feels like it will never be done. I am thinking maybe we should have
settled for a slip and slide and sprinkler LOL

Ok that's it for me today, I have to take my son tot he DR. we
are pretty sure he broke his hand.
We have to go for X-Rays and see what needs to be done. Looks
like possibly no more baseball for him....*fingers crossed*
he is fine and it's just sprained.
Happy Monday!


Melissa said...

Ooooo I like the red and can see myself using those a lot! Hmmm, maybe I need to rethink using that I-rock I bought as a giveaway...

Love the card!


Reilly / Bree said...

The chick-a-dees will love having al that new room to wander around in - which I lived a few hours closer - I would be a regular for those eggs.

Love the card - it is so pretty - what a great combination of products.

Hope the young one's hand is okay - he won't be happy if he has to miss out on baseball

Kim A. said...

Loving the card. The new red glam rocks are really pretty. The chickens look very happy in their new home. I do hope your little one just sprained his hand. Good luck at the Drs. office.

Drayia said...

LOVE your card and the new i-Rocks that are being released. Hope it is just a sprain as he lloves baseball and would hate to be out for the season. Have a most wonderful day Pinky!!

alwayscharlie said...

Very cute card! I agree the red rocks! Hope all will be well for your son!

Kelly Sas said...

Oh I am lovin that card almost as much as the chickens! Please keep us posted on your son's x-ray results. How did he possibly break his hand???

Lindy said...

Great project Pinky!!! I love how you mix Imaginisce and Clear Scraps!!! Chickens look very happy in their new pen! Hope your little guy is OK. {{{HUGS}}} Lindy

Tona said...

Great card. Do they make acrylic cards or are you folding a piece of acrylic?
The chickens don't try to fly over the top of their fence?
I hope that your son just has a sprain & not a break.

Kimberli said...

CUTE card, I'm loving the new i-rock releases - need to get my hands on those!!

Looks like your chickens are living the high life, that's great!!

And I hope your son is ok and it isn't too bad, hope we'll get an update on him soon!

Jenrex4 said...

Love the card!! I really need to try a card with acrylic.

Sounds like you a a busy, labor intestive weekend. Glad you go soo much done. Good luck with the hand, hopefully it is not broke and that he can go play some more.

Ziggyeor said...

Glad his hand was just sprained!

Whoo hoo on more chicken room :) The pool is coming along great but I hear ya about the slip in slide! Hey at least you don't have to pile all the kids in the car and come over to my place :)

I will be coming over to your place soon with my Audrey Hepburn purse to replace some of the red gems that fell off :D