Thursday, April 21, 2011

~Leopard Rakes & Chicken Eggs??!!~

Good morning!!!!! Happy Thursday!!

I have to share this picture with you before I get to my crafts today.
Last night we planted the corn and hubby broke the rake.
He sent me inside because I was freezing...and he knocked on the window...
"Do we have duct tape??" I said..."I don't think so"
He knocked again..."YES we do, please go look!"
Oh yes we had Duck Tape LOL Leopard print Duck Tape! bwhahaha
He didn't care and a few minutes later knocked on the window with a big
old southern eatin' grin LOL

I could not resist sharing. :)

Also yesterday I made my Chicken Eggs For Sale sign!
You know its the old reliable tools I always turn too when I incorporate
crafting into my daily life, and I have to say my Purple Cows Laminator
is one I fall back on again and again!
I create the ENTIRE sign with my Cricut Imagine, Core'dinations Card Stock
and Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive. Even the paper is printed with my Imagine.
I assembled the entire thing as you know since I was laminating
it couldn't be layered much, so I kept it simple.
But its so cute!!!
Anyways...then I laminated it! :)
Now I am going to put it on a post and stick it in the yard!
I am going to make a little wooden one for the door eventually.
But I really needed a weatherproof sign for the yard.

So I am here with a smile today and excited about the corn too! :)
Happy Thursday everyone!
Thanks for coming by to say hello, I love ya for it1



at the Blue Barn said...

That sign is awesome
The rake makes me laugh
Thanks for the great post!

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Love the rake! Fabulous! So wish I lived near you. Do you know how much I pay for a stinkin' dozen of free range, farm fresh eggs?


Lindy said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning Pinky!!!! I needed it. I always love reading your posts although I may not comment every day!!!

BTW.....beatiful sign!!!! Love the colors.

Kelly Sas said...

Your sign turned out so "good ol' fashioned" GREAT! Wish I could buy my eggs from you! Tell your hubby we all know he is a manly man and not leopard duck taped rack would ever change that. LOL!!!

Manhattan Mandie said...

LOVE the sign! Looks amazing :) Also, I think the rake could use a little Hello Kitty Duct Tape up the handle, LOL! I think I'm hiding all my hubby's "normal" duct tape!

Colleen said...

Love your chicken eggs sign, it is so cute. Shucks I would pay someone 3.00 an egg if they would gather them for me. Hope you sell a lot of eggs.

Tona said...

Look at that. You now have a designer rake. ;)
I really like your sign. hope you sell lots of eggs.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Cute stuff. I love the rake.

Kray said...

knocking on wood, keeping my fingers crossed that I finally fixed the problem of not being able to see your blog!!! I think it was the java script issue on my computer! Fingers crossed!

I love the leopard rake!!! Very cute sign too! Fresh eggs are the best!