Tuesday, April 5, 2011

~Scrapping Vintage Style Mini Albums~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I have alot of pictures to share today from this album I just made,
and yes it is all about my chickens! LOL

Keep in mind that this week my in laws sent me some pictures,
of Andrew's grandfather raising chickens, they even sent a postcard
that the family had made years ago of their prize winning chicken!
I used a Clear Scraps chipboard album (did you know they make chipboard too?).
And the April Kit from Tally Scrapper.
I loved the vintage look, and the travel-ish papers were a great metaphor
for our journey together raising our chickens.
I have so many chicken pics, it was fun to scrap then in an album.
I might even send this album to my in laws as a memento of their son and
grandson's interests. Not sure yet but it's a fun album.
I could not resist adding some romance to this page, I am a goof but
the babies just met the older hens in this picture and it was so sweet.
I used alot of vintage lace too! I need to find a good thrift shop for more!
And of course I added *LOVE* to this page, the little baby chicks....
it's so sweet their first outdoor experience.
They just huddle together and peep LOL
And i had to end the album with a GIANT picture (8X10 cut down)
of EGGS! of course! LOL
Also on the back side I added alot of journaling about out chickens.
It seems like such a small silly thing to scrap but it's been done for
hundreds of years and I think it's fun to have a memory on paper.
When my in laws sent me the vintage pictures it really set me to
scrapping chickens photos!!

I am terrified to scrap the vintage pictures! LOL

I am going to have to have them reprinted and scrap them by our pictures!

Ok that's it for me today, yesterday was crazy wicked storm day and today
we clean up the damage! And I take a break LOL

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!


Ziggyeor said...

Cute album! Love the vintage pictures too.

Ug on clean up.

Drayia said...

Cute little Album and shouldnt we be scrapping about our everyday lives, ages ago it was cross stitch samplers now its paper crafts. Glad everyone is safe have fun with the clean up.

Reilly / Bree said...

That is super cute and perfect for the chickies. I guess raising chickies runs in the family - another terrific page coming up in the future I am sure.

Karenliz said...

Beautiful Album! I would be afraid of using the vintage photo until I made a copy too!

Connie said...

beautiful stuff girl!!!

Dawnll said...

I love that you scrap about the chickens...I have a few of ours when my children were young...we use to love the new hatching's and additions.
We have several videos of us talking and playing with the ducks and chickens- especially walking under a spraying hose and when we bought a kiddie pool for them.
You should look in to adding a peacock so you can deter any egg thieves from your yard. Peacocks make great guard "dogs" Miss all the animals dearly.
Thanks for sharing this fun album!
Glad you are safe after the storms

Scatter said...

I think it's adorable that you scrap about your chicks. How cool that you have a vintage photo!! Duplicates are the best way in my opinion. The album is too cute!

Tona said...

Omgosh! I sooo love that mini album!!

Nanabells said...

oh I love the album!!! and how cool to have vintage photos to put next to current one :-)

Rhonda V. said...

This is so stinking cute and sweet Pinky! I looove the vintage vibe!!!

I have never seen the clear scraps chipboard in stores... the acrylic is in Archivers, but not the chipboard. Way cool album!!!

Rock on gf!!!

Toucan Scraps said...

gorgeous tag album Pinky.

just watched your D-stress tool video, looks like a fabulous tool. Thank you

Kelly Sas said...

Love that you scrap unconventional things like your love the family has for your chickens. I think scrapping "our perfect family" is depressing and so June Clever! If I scrapped it would certainly be like you do it. We need more woman who live real and speak the truth.