Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~More Little Cutie & A Crafty Dilemma~

Good morning everyone!
Did you check out the giveaway on Imaginisce yesterday?

They are having one again today!

Here is what I made for today's post....a door hanger.
This Little Cutie Line is so fun, almost so much fun I want another baby...

I have to tell you about the mishap I had this week.
I received an email Friday asking me for a card for publication...
YEA!! Right??

Not quite....in fact not good because I gave the card away...and to top it
off I gave it to Andrew's BOSS! hehehe
So I went to Andrew and I said "I don't have the items to recreate it,
sorry honey you need to go talk to your boss. OR better yet I will! I mean
surely he will understand, I can even make him a replacement card".

So hubsters agrees and let's me go the entire weekend thinking he was
going to speak with his boss. (otherwise I would have hunted down the items).
Yesterday he calls and I asked him if he did it yet and he said
"Yes and he threw the card away, it's gone"

I found that quiet suspicious so I kept pressing.
Come to find out hubby is deathly afraid of me and even more afraid of his boss! LOL So he never asked and left me holding the bag.
Yes, I know it's my fault....but honestly I am so nice he could
have just said no on Friday and I would have started hunting.

Instead I was up at 12am trying to scrounge and make a fake version of the card so I can get it in for publication in time. *sigh*

I know only my crafty friends will understand LOL


Kray said...

Men!!! I tell ya!! Luckily you were able to recreate it. I am going to love this boy's line. I have a 22 year old son and can use this paper for his pages while growing up. Also, I have a grand-nephew due in May....can't wait to hold that bundle of joy.

Once again.....very cute!

Dawnll said...

I so understand your dilemma - I submitted one of my huge projects I made and the company requested the actual project. So sorry the project was a gift to my daughter in law to use in their wedding...duh
It was being used that weekend and I couldn't ask to use it again.
I have so learned after that missed chance.
I don't think I have submitted anything since.

Adorable new line to share sweetie

June Houck said...

Ack! What a dilemma…good luck with your replacement card :)

Drayia said...

LOL I understand that, MEN can be funny that way. I use to sell Avon and he works with several ladies so I asked him to take them books. Weeks later I found them stashed under the seat of his car because he was embarressed to be know as "the Avon man" LOL.

Love the hanger Pinky great work as always.

Kelly Sas said...

Nice knowing my husband isn't the only one afraid of me.... and he IS the boss!!! LOL! I'm the most non threating person there is! Men are so funny! Hope you recreated it and got a few hours of sleep. Great door hanger!

Connie said...

adorable card!!! love the hanging wire on it~ super cute!!!!**visit me** I know your busy but once a month would be great LOL!!!!

ellen s. said...

just love the hanger!!!!

{VICKI} said...

How Sweet!

Jenrex4 said...

Your door hanger is so cute. May have to use as inspriation to do a girl one. The new line is so cute!

I hope you recreated card works for you.

Kim A. said...

I love the door hanger. As far as the card goes. I am glad that you were able to recreate something. Too bad husbands don't always follow thru so well. Congrats on another publication!!!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Everything you made is so adorable. I so enjoyed your Tool Time video and projects

Manhattan Mandie said...

Love the door hanger! Good luck recreating your card! I knew there was a reason I haven't tried submitting anything... I'd have to keep it all!

Guiseppa said...

Yo know I love this! Better get working on adding that girl to your family!

Nanabells said...

MEN! ha ha the hanger is just adorable :-)