Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~First Family Garden & Family Updates~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I am not going to lie, its been a tough week around here.
Last night was just what the Dr. ordered!

The boys had a game and they won BIG time and Gage earned the game ball!
It picked my spirits up tremendously. I was so down. Then to top it off a friend
showed up to the game! Last game was my close friend Adrienne, and this game
was my gal pal Ziggy! :) Thanks to my friends I feel like my boys have some
family in TN and it's great!

OK on to crafting right?
Oh and below are baseball pictures...LOL sorry you know I gotta do it!

This layout I made is 100% the new Tally Scrapper kit for MAY!
I love LOVE LOVE these paper and the flowers were perfect for my
"First Family Garden" layout.

Remember that 8X8 book I am making?
This will go in there.
OHHH and aren't those Tim Holtz hanger clips the best thing EVAH??
They are in the kit too! *swoom*
Ok on to the real stuff LOL
Gage getting the game ball last night.

He was struggling hitting the ball in the last couple games, but
this game he hit every single time!! WOOHOO!
You can see he was very excited and it was unexpected! :)
I was so proud of Justice too, he was tickled for Gage!!!! :)

Ok I am off to get ready for tomorrow, apparently I am making cupcakes
for school and did not find out until today!
Happy Hump DAY!!!!


Michelle said...

love your page with the May kit! love those hangers!!
Congrats to Gage he looks so happy must of made your heart melt!! awesome job dude!!!

kbkbks2 said...

WOW love the pic of your son and his total surprise such a great memory... i love the page the flowers remind me of sunflowers we grow some every year the kids "race" to see whos is first to get taller than they ben has really grown and tops 5 ft he needed growth hormone due to his CF,, anyway iso love the little hangers adorable... kelly

Connie said...

LOved these pic's when you posted them on FB~really took me back. enjoy these times they will be gone before you know it~adore **sigh** the flowers!!!

Reilly / Bree said...

those are wonderful photo's - I bet they will be turning into a special page.

Kelly Sas said...

Oh please tell Gage congrats on hitting all his pitches and getting the game ball last night! Great pic of him - you can see the "who me?" surprise in his face. I do love your garden LO too - especially the flowers and the way you did the "F" in First. You are such a great mom Pinky!

Tona said...

Great layout!
The look on Gages face is priceless!

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah great page :) I'm liking the little hangers too. Great addition to the kit.

Ohh have fun making cupcakes!

Liz said...

How sweet and proud you must be for his game ball that is so cute

Crafty Diva said...

Those clips ARE cool! So are the baseball pics - Yay Gage!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Great LO! LOVE your baseball pics :)