Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~Totally Ticking Tuesday~

Do you ever have a LO you totally envision in your head,
then you try to create it, and it flops! HA!
Well, this is mine. I did it for an add challenge at
Dreamgirls and TallyScrappers.
But it ended up nothing like my head said.
Hey, I figure one out of every 10 LO's is not bad though
so I will suck it up and deal with it!
Lots of layers, just like me, and transparency to just like me.
Complicated and always showing through.Journaling
When I saw this ad the first thing that came to mind was
The other thing I wondered is….do you see your glass half empty or half full??
And I am not sure I can answer that.
I often wonder to myself,
Why God chose me to the child who was not only abused
but also molested and forgotten?
But then I go back to the only possible reason I can believe (or go crazy).
That He chose me because I was born strong
enough to handle it and stay focused to overcome the
pain without committing suicide or doing drugs or abusing my own children.
I won’t say thank you to God just yet, but I will hold my Faith.

Ok and today I have one more blog candy Giveaway!!
Right here, just jump right over **HERE**and leave a comment,
tell her Pinky sent ya.
Adrienne is a DT on the Punk Rock Scrappers with me.

Well, carry on my friends...
~Have a beautiful day~


Kray said...

I really like this layout. At first I didn't see the glasses...then they "popped" out at me....that was before reading.

Great layout! Love it!

TxScrapAddict said...

I love the way it came out. But, I can totally relate to the "it's nothing like I envisioned" thing.

Jocelyn said...

Sometimes thathappens, when it turns out not what you expected, but I love this one and the strong journaling, just as you are STRONG!!! Love you sweet friend and Love the LO!! Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Katamommy said...

I know what you mean about layouts not working on paper like they do in your head, but I really like this one. I think you did a fab job!

Amy said...

It turned out great even though it wasnt what you envisioned that happens to me alot too..

Michelle Ramsay said...

Lvely layout and I think a lot of people could take inspiration from you - where you have come from to what you are now. I admire you.

Callista said...

I had that problem with the layout I did for the punkrock scrappers challenge... it really didn't turn out anything like it did in my head. Oh well, yours looks great though!

Southernbelle said...

I love the layout gf! It is so unique! Great job!


Penny said...

I think it's a great LO!

HBKHotie1 said...

I just love how real and honest your layouts are! Definitely something I would like to strive for. Love your blog, I'm hooked. Great layout!

Pinky said...

Awww Thanks very much!

Carla said...

Pinky that is a great lay out.

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Wow....You sure are a busy lady!

Great layout!
Love the glasses of water too.



chelemom said...

I really love this LO!

Michelle said...

I feel that God picked you because you are strong but also so you can help other people get through the healing process of what they have been through. You are a gift!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hey hun! Congrats on the Punk Rock Scrappers DT!!! You're one amazing artist girl. xOxO

Eva said...

Cristal, this is amazing!!! I don't know why you don't feel it! I absolutely love it, and the journaling hits home for me big time, as I have been there myself!!! I love your work girlie, and this one is beautiful as well! Thanks for playing along with us!