Thursday, March 26, 2009

~So much FUN~

My son is not better, in fact I was up all night with him.
But I am having so much fun this week!
I am a member of Tally Scrappers, and I am in a Survivor Contest.
I joined just for kicks and have placed in the top 4 every week for 6 weeks now!
I cannot believe it!
This is the LO that got me #1 this week.
I know I have posted it but let's recap.
To top it off today....*snicker* They decided I would be the Office Whore and put me on both teams! bwhahaha
The theme of this Survivor is the TV show "The Office".
I am having so much fun!

If you have not joined Tally, it is a fun diverse place to play.
I LOVE that fact that I can post any LO I make and everything crafted is appreciated.
There are only a few places online I call home, and Tally Scrappers is definitely in the top two.

I did not scrap yesterday but I will be today,
so I will choose a winner and post my work later on this evening.
~Have a GREAT Day~


Michelle said...

Hi Pinky - Sorry to hear that your son is not feeling any better. :o(
Congrats though to you for remaining in the top 4 every week. You do amazing lo's so you deserve it. Way to go!!!

Katamommy said...

Congrats on your layouts placing! I hope your son feels better soon!

TraceyT said...

omgoodness, this is a gorgeous page.

Cathy said...

this page is cute!!!