Sunday, March 15, 2009

~Super Sunday Reveals~

Oh my goodness, so many reveals today,
I think I will save a couple for tomorrow....let's see,
I will do the Treasured Scrapbooking Reveals today!
Check out this ADORABLE little mini book I made with Kit #1

This book is full of envelopes, so what I did was
decorate every envelope and I slid a little note in
that each of my boys had written through the year last year.
I put in 3 from each boy.
It might have been a drawing, or a special school page, or a note.
I am going to send it to their grandmother, so she can set it on her work desk.
I hope she likes it!

And this is a page I made from Kit #1.
So far I have done 3 pages and the mini album and I still could make
3 or 4 more pages! I was just THRILLED with this kit! I love it.
Leslie has a talent for making Kits that inspire the scrapper!
Now let me tell you a little something about this LO
My son came down one day and showed me 8 beautiful shiny new screws!
I asked him where he got them and he told me he found them.
So naturally I thought he just found them upstairs.
When daddy came home, he said..."I know where these came from"
Well, they had come from the dresser!
My son had removed all the knobs/handles and taken the screws out!
hahaha! I was tickled pink and had to scrap it!

Now, tomorrow....I will reveals my nasty LO's! NO RULES
NO HOLD BARRED! Yes, you guessed it, my PUNK ROCK SCRAPPERS Lo's!
~Have a beautiful Sunday~
Thank you for stopping by


TxScrapAddict said...

Love the projects!!

HeatherQ said...

I love your Little Notes idea! I'll have to file that one away for when I have kids!

Katamommy said...

That note book is such a neat idea for a gift! lol @ the knob story, kids are awesome!

Tona said...

I love your idea for saving your son's notes in the envelope of the mini book. What a wonderful keepsake that makes.
Your layout is great too.

michele said...

love the mini...but then again I'm such a sucker for anything mini (well, almost anything mini. LOL). I like hearing your story about Gage...too darn funny. You got to love kids. I just love their innocence.

Southernbelle said...

I adore the little book! That is so cute!! Great LO of precious Gage too. He is so funny!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Hugs, A

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are JUST FABULOUS!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEE the mini and that story about the screws is JUST TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Patti Smith said...

Great projects the note book..have a good week girl!!

Kray said...

The little note book is so cute.

However, I really love about your son taking the screws out....sounds like a creative little boy!

Jocelyn said...

Love the notebook!!!! The LO is just adorable, what a great pic and I love what you did with pics!!!! Happy Sunday!