Friday, March 20, 2009

~Cropping Friday!~

Well, it is that time again,
time for another fun crop at Treasured scrapbooking!
Just Click Here

I scrapped this page lastnight. I love the new Prima (Mommy and Me) papers!
They are to die for!!
They come pre glittered but I glittered the hell out of this page anyways! hahaha

Now, I did get permission from one of my best friends in the world Aymee,
to post this LO.
I had to share.
She and I are akin because we both really express not only
our happiness, but our stress, pain, and sorrow in our pages.
I have watched her blossom as a scrapper.
Heck we have grown together in scrapping and it is an amazing journey.
I just adore this page and the journaling is absolutely amazing.
So heartfelt, it makes me want to cry just reading it.

I had to share it with my blog readers because I know
some of you had to have gone through this,
or know someone who can benefit from seeing
they are NOT ALONE!
These feelings are valid and normal, and it's ok to be upset.
Thanks for sharing your life Aymee, I love your honesty.

Have a great Friday y'all!


ICandee said...
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Katamommy said...

Your layout is so so glittery and cute, I love it! Thanks for sharing Aymee's layout, bless her heart I know that's a heartbreaking situation.

Ziggyeor said...

I love both of your LO's! Great job :D I know it's hard to scrap those things but kudos to you for doing it!


lizzie said...

love them!!

Southernbelle said...

Cristal...I love your layout gf! Love that picture of the boys! Beautiful work, as always!

Thank you for showing my layout. It is truly an honor to me. You are one of my bff's and I am thankful for that every single day! I can't wait for the fun times ahead! I love you girl!


Jocelyn said...

Just love what you did with your LO!!! Glitter is GOOOOOOOD!!!!! I love Aymee's LO, made me cry!!!! Wishing youa wonderful weekend, sweet friend. I just love my little finger cutter thingy you sent me. I just used it on two pages and it cut like butter!!!! Love ya!

Jill said...

Absolutely fab! I completely understand your friends Unlucky LO. UGH... I do have one child but six years later... where is number 2? I always question myself and try to figure what I did to piss to piss ^ off.

Tona said...

Both your's & Aymee's layouts are great. I love that photo of your husband & boys.

jacque4u2c said...

I love your layout - it is just stunning! My mouth is still hanging open!

~ Grace ~ said...

I love your denominational style. I love how even on the fun kids ones you just bring it to life popping everything off the page. I love to make new fiends, so I hope your Sunday is full of scrappy goodness and come and stop by and say hi to me on my blog also... Have a WONDERFUL DAY!

Vicki said...

wow gorgeous layout, really love them both and your style is AMAZING!!!! have a good sunday xxx

Lynn said...

Crystal, this layout touched me when I saw it on her blog. I spent 10 years feeling exactly like she does, but since then God blessed us with one adopted daughter and then I had a girl and a boy 19 months later. I know God has something special for her down the road because she is such a special lady.