Sunday, March 8, 2009

~Spring forward RAK...and other Blog Candy!

**Edited** Check out one of my fellow DT members
Tracey and her awesome work and blog candy!
Go leave a comment and tell her I sent ya!

I am NOT ready to lose one hour of sleep but I am ready for more daylight!
I have one fun RAK left in my stash.
But I am going to leave it open a couple days this time.
It is some fun Heidi Grace Chipboard Shapes and
Flowers with brads.
Love these red and PINK Goodies!
So leave me a comment, and send a friend.
Tell me what you like about Spring!
I am working on a video tutorial that should be done tomorrow.
For a couple of border punches I have.
I know the videos have been done before but
I use them all the time.
My new favorite punch is definitely the APRON LACE Punch
from Fiskars! I love it!
'I would sleep with it if I could.
I love the edge it leaves and it rounds a corner perfectly.
If you only get one border punch this year, this is one of my favorites!
OK off to spend the day with my boys!
~Have a beautiful Sunday~


Tona said...

Don't include me inyour rak, I'm lucky enough to have 2 of your 3 givaways already. I just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to your tutorial. Nobody is carrying the new border punches by me yet, but I'm not losing hope Lol.

paru's_circle said...

what i like about spring.. not having to wear a ton of clothes ;-)

Sam said...

Spring has got to my favourite month. Lambs, snowdrops and of course my addiction to creme eggs.

Jocelyn said...

I love that punch and want one so bad but I cannot find it anywhere... AHHH, Spring, the colors of the flowers, the smell of the first time the grass is cut, Easter Sunday and egg hunts, putting away the heavy winter clothes, and most of all the idea of renewing!!! The earth renews and I do too!!! Just love your Blog and the RAK looks awesome!!! Happy Sunday, sweet friend!!!

A Graywolfe said...

Spring has got me up and jumping to get out and geocache and take lots of outdoor pics....these are some great months. I dont loose time either I get up and get matter what the clock says.

Heather said...

I live in southwest Florida so we don't really have spring like other places. We dont really have winter so there isnt much of a change. I could make a long list of the things I dont like about this time of the year, but that wasnt the idea, was it? I guess the best part about it is that we don't get a lot of rain(summer is the rainy season here, don't have to worry about hurricanes for a few more months, and it starts getting warm enough that you can get out of the pool without getting chilled lol.

Katamommy said...

I'm with you, hate losing an hour but so ready for the sun and warmth! I love walking in the park in the Spring! I need to check out that border punch, thanks for the recommendation!

Ziggyeor said...

oh how cool :D Sorry you have to loose sleep and hope the sickies get better.

Can't wait to see your tutorial. If JA's ever gets them back in stock and I have the money I'll get that one :D


Jenn said...

What I like about Spring is that it's it my BIRTHDAY! :) hehe

I also love seeing all the flowers sprouting up out of the ground (which has started here!!_ but today it's actually snowing!

icecheeks said...

I would tell you what I like about spring if I could see a hint of it or remember what it is!!! It snowed here all day yesterday.... Hope you are feeling better!

Tammy said...

My favorite part of spring is watching the bulbs pop up, crocuses, daffodils, tulips. I always look forward to seeing that first robin of the year, then I know spring is finally here!

Amy said...

I love spring so I can open my windows and the sunshine just perks me right up!!!!

Darlene said...

I love the newness of Spring - the green grass coming in, the beautiful flowers, and new Easter clothes!

HBKHotie1 said...

Being able to enjoy being outside. I love your blog. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

Jennifer said...

The only thing I like about spring is that it means we are one step closer to summer. Spring here in NY is MUD season and it really isn't my favorite at all...but I know once we get through it then summer is here and I am truly happy!!

Michelle said...

I have to agree with you about the border punches from Fiskars! I LOVE THEM! Just bought me a new one yesterday!

Southernbelle said...

Gorgeous punch! I want to play with that one when I'm visiting! ;) Giggle! I'm ready for spring too, but not summer! Summer is too hot!! Ugh!


Kimmy said...

hey dollface :) just checking in, saying hi :) i want the martha notebook paper edge looking punch.

pattyb said...

I love that punch and of course it's the one I can't find (you know when it's on sale). I will be patient though, the same thing happened with the treading water punch. So, what I like about Spring. After sooo many months of being stuck indoors, I love that you can spend more than 5 minutes outside with the kids.

KarenB said...

Oh man you and that darn apron lace border punch!!! I did get effervesence (sp) and am loving it!!! Have a great one!!!

Kray said...

What I like about spring is how green it becomes and lots of flowers.

Jingle said...

Oh, fun! The thing I like most about spring...honestly? It's one step closer to SUMMER!!!! LOL!

Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

We'll my favorite thing about Spring is the overall renewal of life.... the flowers the grass, the COLORS! (although with it comes the cutting the grass chore ... eek)... but I love spring and all it's vibrant colors.

StampinCathy said...

I'm with you on the sleepin time, but it is so nice to have more daylight. WoW this is some sweet candy you are sharing with your blogger friends. This border punch is just to cool. I can understand why you would want to sleep with it, I sure would. Thanks for a chance.