Saturday, July 12, 2008

~Puppy Kisses~

I was feeling pretty down yesterday on myself and my work. Just having a bad day altogether in fact but really disappointed in myself and my work in particular.
So I didn't really scrap yesterday. But I did lastnight.

I am still very ill and the kids are all sick now. I won't be able to go to the Uncle Dave Macon Days (click me) here in town, darn it. I love bluegrass and I think the banjo and fiddle playing contests would rock my world. My uncle used to play the banjo for us and the family I lived with used to play Guitar and piano. I loved that. It was all by ear then. I can play the accordian by ear and a couple other instruments.

I am pretty disappointed about not being able to go. BUt I am pleased with my new Layout.
So things even out??


CherrieScraps said...

hope you get to feeling better my friend - I love this LO - that cluster of flowers, etc. is yummy!!

KarenB said...

I love this LO and remember what I told you!!! Muah!!!

Sophia said...

How Pinky, remember me...

Anyways, just wanted to say love your LO too cute and the colours are awesome.