Sunday, July 6, 2008

~Point and click?...Yea...right!~

OK so I am NOT a professional photographer as you can clearly see! Haha
And I don't have one of those fancy Cameras....I only have a NIKON point and shoot camera.
But considering all those factors I was quite proud of these shots!
Number one....the timing was so hard! When I am on night shot I have to click then it takes a shot 5 seconds later. So I had to shoot as Andrew was lighting to catch the rockets shooting and the fireworks blooming.
I would love a fancy expensive day...but for now I will beam with pride over my homemade Independence Day shots!


Cassie said...

Cool shots! I have a Nikon point and shoot that does that shutterlag thing, too, so I know exactly where you're coming from - you have to guess when to push the button early enough to catch a shot. Yours are spectacular!

JoEllyn said...

Hey I think those turned out wonderful!!!!!!!